Police action over stolen bricks

The police are to take action following a recent spate of thefts of coping stones from boundary walls in Bearwood. The blue stones have a relatively high resale value, and they have been disappearing overnight from garden walls in the area.

To combat this the police have started an operation to Smartwater coping stones in the area to make the bricks identifiable should they be stolen.

They will identify and leaflet vulnerable premises in Bearwood and Smartwater as many as possible (subject to the owner’s consent). In order to deter thieves signage will be put up stating the operation is taking place in the area and reclamation yards are being warned that this is happening to get them on board.

Sgt Dean from Smethwick police said “These coping stones are important to the character of the area and we do not want any more victims of theft. We have acted quickly to put this initiative in place and have already contacted most reclamation yards to warn them that should they purchase stolen bricks we will be asking some serious questions. This will make it more difficult for offenders to dispose of stolen bricks and hopefully deter them.”


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1 Response to Police action over stolen bricks

  1. Keith Bracey says:

    String ’em up or tek ’em to the ‘Blue Brick’…….(AKA ‘Nick’ in best cockernee rhyming slang) as me owd man Les Bracey useter sey!

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