Setting police priorities

Please circulate this as widely as possible amongst your contacts, it only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

IT’S time for you to have your say about policing and the key community safety issues in your neighbourhood.

New community-led Local Policing and Crime Boards are consulting on next year’s policing plans and are asking for help from the public to shape them.

A short online survey has been designed to capture what residents of the West Midlands want their local officers and other agencies to focus on in their area.  We want to know what causes you most concern and what you think the police, local authorities and other partners should be focusing on.

The survey can be found here.

Using the information from the survey, the Local Policing and Crime Boards will produce local priorities to concentrate on over the next 12 months.

The Local Policing and Crime plans will then feed into the Police and Crime Commissioner’s overall plan for the West Midlands, which will help shape policing in the future.

Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones said:

“Whether its anti-social behaviour in Solihull or car crime in Wolverhampton, the new, community-led Local Policing and Crime Boards want to hear what matters to you most.  The new boards build on the existing community safety partnerships, but are more open, more outward facing, and more responsive to the public.

“Only by listening to the public can the Local Policing and Crime Boards really respond to the community’s concerns. Many people have strong views about the things that affect their daily lives, and we want to make sure that the local boards hear and respond to as much of that information as possible. The new community-led boards will make the final decisions about local priorities, meaning that local people and their representatives will be deciding what issues and concerns should be addressed.

“This consultation supports the work going on across the force which sees members of the public going to local police meetings and working with officers to set their neighbourhood priorities.  Those meetings are crucial to local officers understanding the concerns that local residents have and this survey is part of that invaluable work that goes on across the force week in, week out.”

You can find out about these local meetings via the local policing pages of the West Midlands Police website.

The surveys will be open until 27 October.

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2 Responses to Setting police priorities

  1. Keith Bracey says:

    Bearwood NEEDS a Police Station IMHO! Why don’t we have one?

    • Bob says:

      With the cuts to the police service we are lucky to have one in Smethwick at all Keith. However, we are going to make a room available for a police presence in Lightwoods House after the restoration…although whether there will be any police left to staff it by then is anyone’s guess!

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