A plea

Nigel Lloyd, founder and Chair of the Warley Woods Pacers is running the Great North Run on 15th September to raise funds to help replace the benches destroyed by vandals. Can you help…

In my time I have run for many causes, my current nominated charity being Whizz Kidz. But at this years Great North Run, I am running for a different cause… A park bench…. Well in fact 6 benches….

Recently, five memorial benches in our local park where ripped from their concrete foundations and set a light and destroyed. Each bench was dedicated to a loved one at a cost of £500 each, as a lasting memory, a place where people could sit in the most beautiful of surroundings and remember. But the mindless disrespectful youth of today, had better ideas, let's desecrate that memory and ignite it. As there seems more sense in that……not.

Our local park is run by a charitable trust, one that has welcomed my club Warley Woods Pacers to be part of the parks community. So in fact these vandals has destroyed a fixture at our training facility. The benches, are of park grade, and cost about £1000 each to replace, money that is not in the trusts kitty. So hence me running the Great North Run for the Memorial Bench Fund.

There is a duty to replace these along with the plaques, so that the memory of those loved ones lives on, and we can all enjoy a seat in the woods and enjoy the beauty of one of Birminghams best green areas.

Oh I did say six benches but only mentioned five. The sixth went up in smoke the past week…

We have a sponsor form in the Trusts shop in the Pavilion and in the week leading up to the Great North Run 15th September Global Wines have allowed a bucket to be put on the counter….. It would be great to get the rest of the community of Bearwood and local traders involved so we can get these replaced and prove to these Yobs that they have not won….. And the real winners are the local community. Steve is aware of this and there has been articles in the Chronicle and Express and Star. Plus the trusts Facebook page is very active on the subject……

There appears to be a lot about up coming activities but little about the good work of individuals on the blog…. Here is a chance to do so and help put things right….. I hope that you can support this….

Nigel Lloyd


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2 Responses to A plea

  1. Peter Lovatt says:

    Good luck with the fund raising. Its a good cause and it will be nice to see the benches replaced.

    Its a shame that a small minority of mindless idiots have done this. I am sure the majority of kids who use the park day to day, would condem the vandelism, just like the rest of us would.

  2. Good luck. Im sure the whole community are behind you with this great cause

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