Mama Mia!

Richard Marshall announced at the Friends of Lightwoods Park AGM this evening that the Drive-in Movie in the park next month will be the Abba Movie, Mama Mia, starring Bearwood's own Julie Walters, just a couple of hundred yards from where Julie was bought up.

Not only that, the audience will be entertained by an Abba tribute group who will play a selection of the band's hits, together with some other favourite hits.

Detail of date, time and ticket prices to follow.

Come and join the Party!


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2 Responses to Mama Mia!

  1. Keith Bracey says:

    Let’s hope the weather stays dry and we don’t have our own ‘Waterloo’……and while I am on did anyone think to invite ‘our Julie’ as guest of honour or does she charge for such things? We could even weave a little story involving her finding out about the successful Lightwoods Park HLF Bid or offer her an honorary role as ‘Bid Patron’ much as local actor and ‘Dalziell & Pascoe star Colin Buchanan is ‘President'(?) of the Warley Woods Community Trust ……it may be worth considering if we wanted some publicity….?……..Just a thought………

  2. Richard Marshall says:

    We’re onto it Keith Lightnin!

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