Bat Walking

Tonight, 9pm at the Pavilion in Warley Woods, join the bat walk.

Bat detectors will be provided (but bring your own wellies!)


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5 Responses to Bat Walking

  1. keithbracey says:

    Dinner, Dinner, Dinner, Dinner, Dinner, Dinner, Dinner Dinner……Batman!!!! I bet you did not know that Alan Napier who played ‘Alfred the Butler’ to Adam West’s ‘Camp Caped Crusader’ Bruce Wayne in the seminal 1960’s ‘Batman’ series which also featured villains Cesar Romero as ‘The Joker’, Frank Gorshin as ‘The Riddler’ and Burgess Meredith as ‘The Penguin’ was a Brummie and hailed from Harborne and lived in a large house on the corner of Fellows Lane…….Brilliant Bearwood……Happy Harborne!

  2. Catherine cox says:

    Hi Bob, just a quick question, does the event on Wednesday charge a fee? I booked the evening off work (so lost approx £30) to go on bat walk yesterday (Friday). I went last year and didn’t have to book so, by word of mouth, I assumed this year, it would still be the same. I was extremely disappointed this year to find I needed to book.

    • Bob says:

      Hi Catherine, no, it says at the bottom of the flyer that there is no charge for Wednesday’s walk. Sorry to hear about your loss of wages. I understand the Trust advertised their event as booking only after so many people turned up last year, And I posted this yesterday after seeing something on Facebook saying that it was fully booked.

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