Lower than a snake’s belly

Viv Cole from Warley Woods Community Trust reports an astonishing act of mindless vandalism overnight.

Some idiots have uprooted five of the benches in the park, piled them high, and burnt them to ashes. That in itself is a disgrace, but the fact that these benches are ones where relatives have dedicated a bench in memory of a loved one, and were clearly marked to show that, just adds to the depravity of their behaviour.

It is difficult to get into the mindset of people who are capable of committing acts like this, and our sympathies must go out to the relatives who are likely to be extremely upset by hearing this news

In addition the Trust are going to have to find between 3-5,000 pounds replacing the benches and plaques. I understand there is likely to be an appeal launched to help fund the replacements, and it would be really good if the level of response demonstrated how strongly the local community feels about this brainless and malicious vandalism. We will publicise details of the appeal here on the blog and other social media.

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17 Responses to Lower than a snake’s belly

  1. Bud baldaro says:

    So very sad.
    More than happy to contribute

    Bud baldaro

    • Nigel says:

      This is not good, I thought the days of the burnt out cars and acts of this nature where all in the past now….how disrespectful not only to our community area, but the great work of the trust, the volunteers and the woods users. Not forgetting the familes concerned.

      I am running the Great North Run next month (may need some tips how to beat Farah Bud) and only too willing to run on behalf of the Woods and the fund if the community of Bearwood can get behind me. The other members of the Pacers are running events, (although I have not asked yet) but I am sure many of them will follow suit.

      We just need to let these mindless idiots know that they ain’t going to damage our public area and get away with it….

  2. Olive Baynham says:

    Perhaps the Trust should consider using metal based material for the replacements, such as wrought iron. Not as comfortable to sit on perhaps, but at least they won’t burn. Just a thought.

  3. hazel shipton says:

    only problem with metal ones they would steal them for tat !

  4. Kath says:

    This is disgusting does anyone know how often the police patrol the area? My brothers shop,Warley Meats has been vandalised several times recently…..nothing seems safe these days. The trouble is they get away with these crimes again and again so they just continue. Is there such a thing as a night police patrol anymore?!!!!!!

  5. caroline jariwala says:

    I think it’s now high time we had CCTV fitted in key places where the vandalism occurs

  6. suzie81 says:

    Scumbags. I live in and love Bearwood and it always upsets me to hear of such pointless acts of destruction in the local community…

    I would be happy to donate…

  7. richard marshall says:

    hi Bob , I know the woods will be organising a proper appeal but just seen on facebook on enjoy Bearwood page and Warley woods page that anyone can just text ”WWCT22” and the amount ie ”£3” to 70070 and the trust will get it and its gift aided so they will get another 25%

  8. Paul Dearn says:

    sorry to hear about this vandalism especially to family memorial benches but it is a minor setback for this lovely place…………………let’s rise above this and replace them. Start a just giving fund and I will happily contribute and even phone those garden centers for a contribution of a bench for the community.

  9. carol goult says:

    sorry cannot put on here what i would like to do

  10. linda cameron davies says:

    so sad to hear what someone has done in the park …. terrible what goes on these days ….. spent many happy years living in bearwood ……. and many happy hours in lightwoods park

  11. As Carol Goult says “sorry cannot put on here what i would like to do” but i wonder if the offenders are found what will happen to them!

  12. Lord Tony Teano says:

    This action just reflects the mindless thugs that plight our beautiful landscapes to feed their childish minds, this is why to protect our memorial items, there needs to be more CCTV so as not to let these individuals run a muck?.

  13. Keza says:

    It might help if, just once, the police got to the screaming, drunken morons leaving Samba in the early hours.

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