Stony Lane by the sea

Cool off on the beach, take out a pedalo, watch the Punch and Judy, it's all happening in Stony Lane park on Saturday where the Friends Group (and even one or two Team Bearwood volunteers) are promising a great day out!



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2 Responses to Stony Lane by the sea

  1. sfessey says:

    Sorry to be a little slow… But where is Stoney Lane Park? I can’t find any more about this event online!!

    • Bob says:

      It’s Stony Lane park, and it’s in… Stony Lane, Smethwick. If you go up The Uplands and bear right before the Harry Mitchell Centre, it more or less takes you there. The park is also referred to as Smethwick Hall park I think, but locals know it as Stony Lane. A small, fledgling Friends Group are doing some terrific work to try to rescue it from a rather neglected area.

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