Lightwoods Park project enquiries

Message from Cherie O’Sullivan, Lightwoods Park Project Officer:


Now we have had a chance to take in the excellent news that Sandwell Council and the Friends of Lightwoods Park and House have been successful with the Round 2 Parks for People Grant for Lightwoods Park and House, it is an appropriate time for a few formalities.

You may be aware the Parks for People award for the restoration of Lightwoods Park and House is a Round 2 Heritage Lottery award.

Sandwell MBC has legal contractual obligations with Heritage Lottery and due to the total value of the project it is necessary to submit the tender process for the entire park both landscape and building works to European Union advertisement known as OJEU.

At Round 1 a number of national companies with a strong track record in Heritage Lottery restoration awards submitted tenders (via OJEU) to undertake surveys, investigations and design works. After interviews and evaluations the successful tender was Sandwell Urban Design who are the organisation that have produced detailed design drawings and specifications for the works that have now been approved by Heritage Lottery as part of the Round 2 award. Urban Design will continue to manage the project through to completion.

In order to meet with the grant conditions it is essential that the works are advertised and commissioned with agreement from Heritage Lottery and in accordance with Sandwell Council's Procurement and Contract Procedure Rules and EU legislation.

Once contracts have been agreed with the Heritage Lottery fund and Sandwell Council, Urban Design will continue with final designs (in conjunction with the project board and the Friends Group), specifications to tender and prepare the contract and Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ's) – from now until April 2014.

Urban Design will then tender for the actual building and construction works and will manage the contractors. Companies with a strong track record of large scale restoration works will be invited to submit PQQ's and tenders on “Find It In Sandwell” and via the OJEU process between September 2013 and June 2014, this process will be managed and awarded by Urban Design.

It is envisaged that actual works on site will commence around October 2014 and will be around an 18 month phased build process; therefore completion is anticipated to be March 2016 with the house opening in the summer 2016.

In the meantime, if there are any businesses interested in occupying Lightwoods House (office space/kitchen etc) please contact the Lightwoods Park Project Officer, Cherie O'Sullivan via to register your interest. Similarly, anyone else wanting to get involved with the project in any way be it marketing, photography, hosting events etc please contact the Project Officer as above.

Kind regards,


Cherie O’Sullivan

Lightwoods Park Project Officer

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