Lightwoods Park on Central News

There was due to be a feature on Central News this evening about the Lightwoods Park lottery bid, but it seems it may be delayed until tomorrow…so here’s a sneak preview.

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1 Response to Lightwoods Park on Central News

  1. Keith Bracey says:

    Brilliant Bearwood on Central News…….Bob Warman and Sameena Alikhan will wax lyrical about Bearwood’s Lightwoods House and Park’s successful £5.2million Heritage Lottery Fund Bid which will enhance Lightwoods House and Park and showcase Lightwoods House’s Georgian splendour with it being built in 1791, when just 3 miles away at another equally ‘Grand Georgian House’…..SOHO House on Handsworth Heath, ‘The Lunar Men’ Boulton, Watt, Darwin, Priestley, Wedgwood and Withering were thinking about and then creating the modern world through the industrial revolution with Boulton and Watt’s improved steam engine built at The SOHO Foundry in Foundry Lane, Smethwick, now within one of our most celebrated historical companies and one of the oldest weighing machine companies in the world W.T. Avery, or Avery Weightronix as it is now known……..In my opinion The SOHO Foundry should be the next building that Sandwell Council should look to put together a Heritage Lottery Fund Bid in order to save this important historical heritage building (which is showing its age and is in need of a little TLC, although Avery do a great job in keeping the building going) for posterity and for future Birmingham and Black Country generations to learn that Birmingham and The Black Country was where the modern world was created by ‘The Lunar Men’ and their industrial revolution…..this area was truly the ‘Crucible of the Industrial Revolution’!

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