Calling all budding cricketers… the folk over at Enjoy Bearwood are seeking cricketers to defend Bearwood's reputation in a challenge match against the police – although if the tug-of-war on Mayday is anything to go by, the police team will be too chicken to even leave the dressing room!

If you are interested you can either leave your details in the comments here, or on the Enjoy Bearwood Facebook Page.


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1 Response to Howzaaat!!!!

  1. Keith Bracey says:

    “Cricket….Lovely Cricket” as the Caribbean Calypso singers used to say…..let’s hope the weather stays good…………….for the titanic match against West Midlands Police…..lets us Smethwick and Bearwood folk invoke the spirit of Smethwick-born ‘Terrorizer of the Australians’ one Sydney ‘S.F.’ Barnes whose 30 plus wickets in the 1912 Ashes Series in Australia have never been beaten…..Come on you Bearwoodians!!!!!!!!

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