Kings Head Junction roadworks – delayed again

As regular readers will know we have been waiting for years for Birmingham City Council to carry out improvements to the Hagley Road Kings Head junction as part of the Showcase bus improvements, including the filling in of the underpass and installation of a pedestrian phase on the traffic lights.

In February we were given an undertaking by officers of the City Council that work would start in June…but today we have been told it has been delayed yet again. Here’s a copy of the notification letter from City Council Highways Officers:

We have completed the review of the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire’s (PQQ) received from the 14 Contractors. The quality of each submission was very high, such that we had to carry out 4 iterations of the review in order to be able to distinguish the scores between the contractors. This necessary procurement process took longer than expected and led to a delay with the scheme’s development.

From the PQQ review we have written to 7 Contractors informing them of their success and will be inviting them to tender for the scheme. The contract documents have been completed but we have been unable to formally issue to the Contractors. Due to the pending closure of the city centre tunnels this summer (St Chad’s and Queensway tunnels) we are prohibited from commencing until September 2013. This is unavoidable and will also occur next year. With these restrictions I have had to produce a new delivery programme to accommodate the tunnel closures. This currently stands as follows:

Invitation to Tender – 5th July 2013 (upon my return from Paternity leave)

Tender Return Period – 9th August 2013

Review and Contract Award – 20th September 2013

Mobilisation – 20th September – 28th October 2013

Contract end – start of June 2014.

Opportunities for acceleration will be considered at each stage outlined above.

You can be excused for not holding your breath…

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9 Responses to Kings Head Junction roadworks – delayed again

  1. Brian wood says:

    Typical of a project managed by a local council. Outsource this kind of thing and just get the job done.

  2. John Kelly says:

    If “Opportunities for acceleration will be considered at each stage outlined above.” why isn’t someone deputising whilst the officer is on paternity leave (Birmingham does have a fairly large workforce) the tender process would at least then be started in his absence.

  3. hazel shipton says:

    in other words the safety of people in Bearwood attempting to cross the road is of no real importance to birmingham city council!

  4. Richard says:

    Not to mention the fact that BCC ban any roadworks within 4miles of the City Centre from the 3rd wk of November so as not to harm the Christmas trade, sounds like its a case of ‘Bearwood can go swivel’to me

  5. Feverfew says:

    Perhaps if there were less open hostility between Sandwell’s councillors and BCC we might not be overlooked and ignored as much as we are. It’s time to build bridges.

  6. Feverfew says:

    Oh come on! We’ve had sniping from Sandwell’s coucnillors about Birmingham CC for years, right back to when we were trying toi get Warley Woods into the Trust’s care!

    • Bob says:

      If what you describe as ‘sniping’ is standing up for residents of Bearwood about the decline of Warley Woods and Lightwoods Park against a City Council which had neglected them for decades and turned them into slum parks, and refused to even respond to any request – no matter how politely made – for parks within the borough of Sandwell to be handed over to the local authority where they were located…then yes, guilty as charged! You may favour a servile, cringing approach, cap in hand to our big city neighbours, politely begging for crumbs from the masters’ table, we don’t!

    • Steve Eling says:


      If you are going make comments like that, perhaps you also need to tell everyone who you really are and what real interest you have in what’s best for Bearwood.

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