Incredible Edible come to Bearwood!

The Incredible Edible network is a national umbrella group for members who believe that providing public access to healthy, local food can enrich their communities. Together with the Be the Change Trust they are embarking on a project to plant up the tubs around Bearwood Shopping Centre, including fruit which can be picked and eaten.

Richard Marshall from Bearwood Traders, pictured below with members of the group, said, “They are committed to projects which encourage healthy local food growing and they have offered to plant up and maintain our planters for the year, and I must say their enthusiasm is tremendous. It has required a lot of work over the last couple of years for a few of our volunteers, and we welcome Incredible Edible on board”


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7 Responses to Incredible Edible come to Bearwood!

  1. hazel shipton says:

    good to see planters being used again this year they certainly brighten up Bearwood,loooking forward to see the things grow

  2. Hope people enjoy the the things that grow in them and not use them as rubbish bins. There is some lovely mint growing in the planter outside my shop. Enjoy it.

  3. keithbracey says:

    Thank you Antonios……..Richard M I have become a member of ‘Incredible Edible’……how do I become involved in the Bearwood-based group planting Bearwood’s planters as I am also a member of the Bearwood Allotment Association at Dale Street Allotments behind the former Barleycorn Pub at the bottom of Bearwood Road……I am keen to get involved as I have plants that could go into the Planters… us a clue mate…..?

  4. Richard says:

    Keith I have sent Bob the phone number for Nick who is the lead on this project from Be the Change. Great that your getting more involved Keith, your a star!!

  5. Kate Slade says:

    Do Incredible edible need any further plants? Things have been very slow on the allotments this year but we are having a plant swop this Saturday and I can see if there are any surplus plants available should they be required

  6. Richard says:

    Hi Kate thanks for this I will contact you direct

  7. keithbracey says:

    Thank you both Richard Marshall and Kate Slade for getting me involved with both ‘Team Bearwood’ and The Bearwood Allotment Holders Association at the back of The Barleycorn pub or Hadley Hall as it is now known……..I love what is happening in Brilliant Bearwood at the moment, led by folk like yourselves…..more power to your collective elbows as of course Social Media has played a role…..I picked up Kate’s plea for more allotment holders at Bearwood Allotment Holders Association via The Bearwood Page (or was it The Friends of Lightwoods Park?) Facebook pages……..!!!!!!

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