Acting together to save money on your energy bills

People who live and work in Sandwell could save money on their energy bills by signing up to the Sandwell Energy Switch. By acting collectively, with as many ‘switchers’ as we can get, we can bargain with the energy companies to get a better deal than people acting individually.

The council has launched its first ever ‘collective energy switch’ scheme to help drive energy bills down for households in the borough.

The scheme gets people together who want to switch suppliers and ensures they receive the best deal available.

To find out if you can save money on your energy bills, register your interest in the scheme before Monday June 3, 2013.

Once the best rates have been found, you will receive an offer from the supplier and see how much you could save. You can then decide if you want to take the offer or stick with your current deal.

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  1. Reg. Tart says:

    I’v attempted to complete your form unsuccessfully. Too long.

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