The last post…

…today on the festival. Just to share two beautiful photographs from Simon Lea. One taken last night as the stage lighting was tested, and one this morning, as Simon said, “during nature's own lighting test!”


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2 Responses to The last post…

  1. keithbracey says:

    After today’s triumphant Bearwood May Day Festival in Lightwoods Park how about instigating a ‘Team Bearwood Awards’ to recognise the contribution of those people that make Bearwood the vibrant, exciting and fantastic place it is to live in today?…..with the Best Parkland in England in Warley Woods and a great public park in Lightwoods Park the potential of which today’s Mayday Festival merely scratched the surface in my opinion……If Sandwell MBC is successful in its £5.2 Million Heritage Lottery Fund Bid for Lightwoods Park and House who knows what we might achieve and what other great events we could put on in the Park….?

    A ‘Bearwood Music Festival’ for instance……? I know we already have the Bearwood Shuffle but perhaps we could achieve so much more……? Who knows? For me Bearwood’s potential is limitless with such a fantastic ‘Team Bearwood’ with all Bearwood folk pulling together for the Bearwood Community………..

    Just a thought….?

    What do other Bearwoodians think…….?

    Keith Bracey, Team Bearwood Volunteer today in the ‘Beerwood Beer Tent’…….Hic!!!!…..Burp!!!!

    PS A special thanks to Richard Marshall for his leadership of ‘Team Bearwood’….we couldn’t have done it without you mate!!!!!

  2. Pat says:

    Yes, sounds great. Beers great, bands good and weather perfect. Let’s do it again soon….

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