Lightwoods Ale… and some cider too!

This is the second of our specially brewed ale for the beer festival next Monday.

Lightwoods Ale will be a pleasant light ale at around 4.0% abv with it's logo incorporating part of Simon Lea's excellent photograph of the Lightwoods Park bandstand. Brewed for the event by our main partners Enville Brewery near Stourbridge, this will be a strictly one-off ale for the event, and I suspect this one will go fairly quickly.

In addition to the range of beers we will also be including a small selection of draft ciders. They will include Thundering Molly, Black Rat, Hazy Daisy and Farmhouse Scrumpy.

We also need to remind people that the real ale festival will be in a separate fenced-off area of the park, and in accordance with licence the admittance will be limited to people over the age of 18. Stewards will be operating a strict 'Challenge 25' policy, which will require people who look under the age of 25 to co-operate by providing proof age and photo.


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3 Responses to Lightwoods Ale… and some cider too!

  1. keithbracey says:

    Brilliant Beeeeeeeeeeerwood!!!!!

  2. Simon Lea says:

    Brilliant! Sounds good and love the photo ha ha ha! I don’t say this often but – Come on Monday – hurry up and get here!!

  3. Chris Day says:

    Special Ale – Brewed by Enville – Got to be GOOD!! – Can’t wait to try it!

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