Treat with caution…

Here's the first of our special real ales being brewed to commemorate the first ever Bearwood Real Ale festival on May 6th.

At 6% abv the Sandwell Strongman, named to tie in with the Strongman competition, is a full-bodied beer to be treated with some respect. It is being specially brewed by one of our partner breweries for the event, Kinver Ales.

We also need to remind people that the real ale festival will be in a separate fenced-off area of the park, and in accordance with licence the admittance will be limited to people over the age of 18. Stewards will be operating a strict 'Challenge 25' policy, which will require people who look under the age of 25 to co-operate by providing proof age and photo.


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1 Response to Treat with caution…

  1. keithbracey says:

    Are the local ‘Two Towers Brewery’ involved in the ‘Beerwood Festival’ as I like to call it? The ‘Two Towers Brewery’ produce Birmingham-based heritage beers with a Birmingham theme like the BSA Brew and the ‘Jewellery Quarter Porter’ a stout-type ale, without the creaminess of a Murphy’s or a Guinness. ‘Two Towers Brewery’ are based in Mott Street near the Jewellery Quarter (where I am hoping to become a Jewellery Quarter ‘Ambassador’ with the Jewellery Quarter Development Trust) off Constitution Hill in Brum and their owners are Peter Arnott-Job and his brother, Richard who are the sons of Councillor Marion Arnott-Job, a former Lord Mayor of Birmingham and a prominent local Labour Politician and Community Activist… would be great if ‘The Beerwood Festival’ could encourage local breweries like ‘Two Towers Brewery’ IMHO! If ‘Two Towers Brewery’ are not involved in this years ‘Beerwood Real Ale Festival’ then they should be invited to contribute in the future with their eclectic, heritage-based mix of local ‘Brummie Beers and Ales’……….

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