The Sandwell's Strongest Man competition due to be held in Lightwoods Park on Bank Holiday Monday has an event which involves competitors lifting a car. One major thing they are short of at the moment is… a car!

If anyone has either a Ka or a Smart car that they would be willing to lend to Sandwell Leisure Trust for a couple of hours, we are assured that it is perfectly safe (well, for the car anyway, not sure about the lifter) and will not be damaged in any way.

If you have access to such a vehicle and are willing to allow it to be used, please leave a comment below and someone will get in touch.


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2 Responses to Appeal

  1. Deborah McMahon says:

    I live in Bearwood and you are welcome to borrow my VW Polo for the event. Maybe a bit big….even for Bearwoods strongest man?!

    • Bob says:

      Deborah…you’ll give them a hernia! They’ve had an offer of an ‘interesting’ vehicle anyway, but thanks very much for he offer.

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