Skate Park info

To all who use the skate park at Lightwoods Park.

The ramps are being repainted over the next few days to cover the tagging/graffiti attacks that have occurred over the last few weeks. There will be a graffiti art workshop taking place on the Lightwoods May Day Festival on Monday 6th May where the user groups will be able to draw up designs for the skate park. Sandwell Council will then run a further graffiti art workshop in the summer when we will paint the ramps with the designs drawn up on May Day.

Cherie O'Sullivan


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3 Responses to Skate Park info

  1. caroline jariwala says:

    In Tamworth there is a successful graffiti wall where anyone can create their own artwork on there…. it also has reduced tags etc around the town…

  2. Olive Baynham says:

    Good idea. The kids can still express themselves, but in a more controlled environment. Street art can be very good

  3. Shaun Pullen says:

    Is there any chance of an update about the art workshop during the summer? I really would love to take part.

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