Utter Bearwood

Thursday 25th April 7pm-10pm

Thimblemill Library


If you’ve not been to Utter Bearwood! then this is the one …. Come and see the last of their National Headliners of this season!!!! Dave Tonge the Yarnsmith of Norwich performing…

Dame Fortune’s Wheel & the Three Estates

Dame Fortune's Wheel & The Three Estates is an exploration of the three 'classes' of men and women from long ago. Those who worked, those who prayed and those who fought. The performance vividly illustrates the ups and downs of people’s lives as they rode upon Fortune’s Wheel. The stories also celebrate the use of the mystical number three, a motif commonly found in many traditional tales. The performance promises a compelling mix of humorous and revealing tales, interwoven with crafty and relevant riddles. Tale telling that brings the long past into the here and now.

Thimblemill Library goes all medieval for the night! Also come and help celebrate World Book Night as we are giving away FREE BOOKS!

These are the books we are giving away!

Jackie Kay – Red Dust Road

Jojo Moyes – Me Before You

Robert Lewis Stevenson – Treasure Island

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