A taster…

Just a sample selection of the beers available at the Mayday event in Lightwoods Park…

First, those beers being specially brewed for the event:

Lightwoods Ale: 4.2% – A light ale brewed by one of our main sponsors, Enville brewery near Sourbridge

Sandwell Strongman: 6.3% Specially brewed by our good friends Kinver Ales to commemorate the Sandwell's Strongest Man competition, this is certainly not to be treated lightly

And here's a taste of some of the others…

Holden's Golden Glow: 4.4% A golden ale with fragrant hop aromas, a moreish gentle sweetness and an almost citrus like pleasant bitter finish.

Purity Mad Goose: 4.2% is a zesty pale ale with a smooth and citrusy finish

Enville Kasitra: 3.5% Totally belies it’s alcoholic content, and the citrusy finish offers hints of Grapefruit, Lemon, Gooseberry, Papaya and Guava.

More to follow…

The Real Ale festival will be in a separate fenced-off area in the park, and will be subject to a 'Challenge 25' policy, which means that anyone entering that are who the security staff or police think is under the age of 25 will be required to produce photo ID which will confirm their date of birth.


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1 Response to A taster…

  1. keithbracey says:

    Looking forward to the ‘Beerwood Beer Festival’….are there gonna be any ‘Two Towers Brewery’ beers there as they are based in nearby Mott Street near the Jewellery Quarter off Constitution Hill in Brum? They do a lovely ‘Jewellery Quarter Porter’ a stout that is very smooth and dark and various other Brummie Heritage beers such as the ‘BSA’ and others like ‘Boulton’s Bitter’ et al.

    Also are there gonna be any Batham’s Beers at the ‘Beerwood Beer Festival’……? Batham’s Mild is ‘Nectar of the Gods’ as is Sarah Hughes Ruby Mild brewed at The Beacon Hotel (?) in Sedgley…..Both of these very different milds……one very strong having a 6.2% ABV, (the Sarah Hughes Ruby Mild) and the other less so having an ABV of 3.4%….(the Batham’s Mild)…….looking forward to the ‘Beerwood Festival’ immensely……Can’t wait……Keith ‘The Biermeister Bracey’.

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