Roll in the snow!

Well, your egg may not roll very far, but all signs are that the Warley Woods Easter Egg Roll will not be deterred by a little unseasonal snow.

This is the 6th year the Community Trust have held the event, and people have turned out in a variety of weathers to enjoy the egg roll, the easter egg trail, and just having fun in the Woods.

The main focus of the event is the Easter Egg roll down the meadow’s long bank (called the death run in this weather) with prizes for the egg-roller that slides rolls the furthest.

There will also be a repeat of the Egg Roll for big kids Adults as it was so popular last year. This is their chance to see if they can beat the children’s distance. Other activities include the Decorated Egg Competition and an Easter Quiz Trail with clues which will lead visitors through the Woods to the Pavilion where there will be other fun ‘eggy’ activities (don’t ask!).

There will be a special raffle for a giant easter treat.

The Roll 3 small

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1 Response to Roll in the snow!

  1. Kate Slade says:

    We’re going ahead tomorrow . There are patches of green appearing in the meadow and the snow is melting – slowly! Start at 11 am, register from 10.30. Come and join us!

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