Licence Application

The Council has received a notification to extend the licensing hours for the Samba Lounge. The effect of the changes would be to extend the hours for the licensable activities until 3am on Saturday and Sunday mornings.


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12 Responses to Licence Application

  1. Dr A M Jinks says:

    How do I oppose this?

    The place generates a dreadful racket, the laser lights fired across the road are dangerous and their retiring patrons wake me up when they walk up Milcote Road.

    • Bob says:

      You contact Malcolm Strong, the council’s Licensing Officer via

      But, in respect of your last point the licensee does not have responsibility for customers when they leave the premises. That is a policing issue, but you can raise it as a concern on the grounds that extending the licensing hours will make an already intolerable situation even worse.

    • Mac Strong says:

      In response to queries already received by the Licensing Office. You may make representation in writing to Licensing Team, Homes and Communities, Sandwell Council House, Po Box 2372, Oldbury B69 2BS.
      Representations may only be on the grounds it will not promote one or more of the licensing objectives, those being: the prevention of crime and disorder, public safety, the prevention of public nuisance and the protection of children from harm. You must explain in your representation why the grant would not promote one or more of those objectives and where existing evidence of existing problems.
      Representations must be received by 8th April.
      Representations will be accepted by email provided the name and address of the maker is included in the body of the text.
      As Bob points out the conduct of customers away from the premises may not necessarily attach to the premises, parking cannot be considered by the licensing committee nor things subject of other specific legislation.

  2. keithbracey says:

    No, no, no , no…….please do not allow this extension to the licensing hours of this ‘Den of iniquity’……the noise that this awful place makes keeps people living nearby awake in to the early hours and I have heard ‘on the local grapevine’ from local ‘characters’ that **** ******* **** ** (deleted by editor on the basis that it is an unsubstantiated and potentially defamatory comment) in there…….and there is often violence and fighting in the streets as people leave the premises late at night……….PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW THIS APPLICATION TO BE PASSED…..We are trying to improve Bearwood with projects like the new Cycle Cafe and Cycle Repair Shop nearby on the corner of Bearwood Road and Three Shires Oak Road in the former Dalloway’s Fruit and Veg Shop not drag it dwon which is exactly what this Extension to the Licensing Hours for The Samba Lounge will do.

  3. Feverfew says:

    me and everyone I speak to is sick to the back teeth of the Samba lounge and its clientele and it does not take a genius to work out what Keith’s potentially defamatory comments were as you can see it going on day in day out. Get rid of this wretched place and improve Bearwood in a single stroke.

  4. keithbracey says:

    Thanks for your support Feverfew…..if the local Bearwood Police (Where are they? I shop in Bearwood at ALDI on a Saturday morning and have NEVER EVER seen even one Policeman or PCSO walking the Bearwood beat……) did ever bother to get off their backsides in their cosy Piddock Road, Smethwick(!) Police Station ( by the way glad to hear that the £5.2million HLF Bid states that a ‘Police Presence’ is to be established at Lightwoods House……Why is there NOT a Police Station in Bearwood?) they would tell you that drugs are rife in Bearwood thanks to the transient population of the bedsits of Sandon and City Roads. This fuels the prostitution taking place on Sandon Road/Drayton Road/City Road……I know for a fact that my ex-brother-in-law deals drugs in Bearwood preying on the vulnerable people living in those bedsits who often have mental health or drug and drink issues. I exhort the ‘Great and the Good of Bearwood’ to clean up our great little town where so much that is good is going on PLEASE! Bearwood families do not wish to find used condoms in LIghtwoods Park, car parks and on the streets……THANK YOU……..!!!!!!

  5. Richard says:

    I echo Keith and Feverfews sentiments ,however the reality is as announced by Abbeys Neighbourhood Sgt at a town meeting on Wed night that there has been NO calls made to the police about any incidents at The Samba. The police and Enviromental Health are the only authorities that can object to a TEN and they currently have no grounds to. The new owners of the bar are trying to make a go of it and have even offered to hold a meeting in the bar for local residents to come in and meet them to discuss issues and concerns they have and try to resolve any they can

    • Bob says:

      Just for clarity, this isn’t a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) it is an application for a permenant extension of hours until at weekends, and members of the public are entitled to object.

  6. Richard says:

    Sorry Bob , my mistake for not
    reading the small print

  7. Keza says:

    Is anyone else complaining about this awful place? I’m sick of the drunken morons who leave here, screaming like animals in the street. I urge everyone to complain to the council (and to the police when it’s warranted) – would be good to know that someone else is complaining too. As for a meeting in the bar for local residents, I’ve certainly not been asked to it – has anyone??

  8. Keith Bracey says:

    Hear! Hear! Get rid of this awful place and improve Bearwood at a stroke!

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