Have you seen Si?

Via Facebook:

Ok guys, I haven't been the best of Facebook friends. It got me thru a bad time about 3 yrs ago and was great to re-connect with so many people. Then I met Simon Dipple. He is the kindest, gentlest, sweetest man I know-next to my dad (r.i.p.) and I suppose life with all it's ups and downs, family-stuff, kids, house move etc took over.

Simon, or Si to anyone who knows him is a creature of habit; loves his home comforts and his family and ME!-unconditionally! His children are his life, his everything I can't even come close to that (as a parent I know this) and I don't mind-that's as should be. He has the same routines-they keep him sane! lol and you could more or less set your clock by him (He jokes about how he'd bore anyone to death tracking or following him, lol) He always keeps in touch-we always know what each other are up to and he never switches off his fone-will carry spare batteries, power crystal charger. Texts as normal Friday afternoon and a couple of calls. As far as we know he shopped as usual for a few bits we needed for dinner that night. He doesn't go out drinking-just an occasional few beers with his best mate, Richie. He prefers to snuggle up on the sofa n have beer (sneaking regular sniffs of my hair when he thinks I'm not looking, lol) to going out partying.

That makes us sound boring but he loves it-prob more than I do but it works. He missed his visit to see his kids, Molly and Josh yesterday. He has never done this in all the time I have known him. He would never forget his mum, Janice on mother's day. In all the time I have known him however ill, hungover at xmas/new yr has not missed a vist with his kids. He has also NEVER switched his fone off. It is on silent sometimes, yes. He would not want to miss a call from his kids and would worry if he couldn't contact them and if his mum, brother and sister couldn't get in touch.

His mum is not in good health and he would not deliberately put her through this. Or any of us-he'd miss us too much. we have hardly been apart since I met him which is why we are all going out of our minds with worry.

Please, please, please anyone who knows Si-or even if you don't, remember that face! It's now just coming up to 48 hrs since he was last seen in the Bearwood area of Birmingham then just blanks. The Police are aware he's missing but it's just the waiting. After two sleepless nights, I am still convinced he will just walk through the door. This is so out of character. Si's a peaceful man-a lover not a fighter and would be unlikely to have got into any trouble of that kind. This is just so unbelievably out-of-character it's untrue. He's my rock.

Just need to know he's ok. I am in bits here.


Deb Barber


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4 Responses to Have you seen Si?

  1. Farzana Bi says:

    seen him the other day in bearwood he looked okay i cant remember wat day it was hope he is okay

  2. Keza says:

    Is Simon okay now?

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