Licence Extension

The Council has received three applications for Temporary Event Notices for 6 lots of extended hours at the Samba Lounge, only three of which have been granted. Here are the details:


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7 Responses to Licence Extension

  1. ALG says:

    How is a ‘license extension’ an event? *confused*

    • Bob says:

      It isn’t an ‘event’ but the law describes all temporary notices for licences as Temporary Event Notices. The government guidance is contained here

      • ALG says:

        Thanks Bob, and there was me thinking license holders seeking extensions would have to explain more clearly why they want to further encroach on the local community.

      • Bob says:

        Sadly not, I’m afraid. As you can probably see for a temporary event notice the public don’t even have a right to lodge an objection, which, personally, I think is outrageous.

  2. lisa says:

    Hold on! Whst about people who live nearby who have to be up for work early. They should have some considerstion. This is disgusting. I and many others totally object

    • Bob says:

      Lisa, I agree 100%, but as I indicated, the legislation does not provide an opportunity for members of the public to object to temporary licence notices.

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