A little light(woods) ale

Last night at the open meeting, Richard Marshall, chair of the Lightwoods Park Friends Group announced an exciting new addition to the park's Mayday Festival this year… a real ale festival!

Not only that, but one of the local breweries has offered to brew a special ale to the Friends Group requirements dedicated specially for the day. There have already been a host of suggestions for the name, Bearwood Brew being one of the early favourites.

Richard said, “We have had fantastic support for the idea from Enville Brewery near Stourbridge who are offering to supply some of their range of speciality brews, deliver and tap the barrels, and collect from other breweries. Also, one of the owners of Kinver brewery has offered to help, and even to brew our own beer especially for the event.”

The beer festival (which is still subject to an application to licensing) will be in addition to many of the other events already lined up for the 6th May, including the Sandwell's strongest man competition, a range of local bands playing on the music stage, a funfair and other children's activities.

Here's hoping for a nice sunny day to build up our thirst!


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13 Responses to A little light(woods) ale

  1. Sheila Finn says:

    Whoop, whoop! Fabulous, Enville ale is my favourite.

  2. David Jones says:


  3. yvonne says:

    Fabulous what time is it on till Im at work till 6, will need a drink when I;ve finished

    • Bob says:

      Yvonne, the event is on until 7pm… But from the interest this is attracting (1700 hits on the Enjoy Bearwood Facebook in just a few hours) there’s a fair chance we will have sold out by then! We wanted to order more beer and sell quart takeaways, but the police are likely to object to the licence for that.

    • Bob says:

      I fear the worst I’m afraid Andrew. The rents on the shops in that block between Anderson Road and Adkins Lane a ridiculously high, and the absentee landlords don’t seem to care a fig whether the properties are let or not. We are investigating compulsory purchase, which may concentrate their minds.

  4. Andrew Maxam says:

    Bob, just been past NX News on Bearwood Road this morning, saw the shuutters down; looked a bit ominous. Do you know anything aboput what’s happened?

  5. Paul Merrett says:

    Well, there`s a bit of a dilema re: a name, as it could depend on the colour of the beer. Enville tend to brew light, hoppy beers so if this was the product how abour Bearwood Blonde; if a gold or copper coloured beer then Bearwood Best Bitter (3B`s)? A truely Bearwood heritage might also be a tribute to Any Hamilton, which could attract global attention for Bearwood, maybe Blue Note Best?

    • Bob says:

      Some great suggestions there Paul, I particularly like the Blue Note Bitter suggestion. I’ll forward them on to the Friends Committee Officers. Thanks.

  6. mona says:

    Does anybody know what’s happening with the flower boxes outside the business’s who sponsored them?

  7. keithbracey says:

    I am in touch with a Birmingham-based brewery called ‘Two Towers Brewery’ based in Mott Street off Constitution Hill near the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham…..Two Towers brew local Birmingham ales with locally significant names including ‘Jewellery Quarter Porter’ (like a stout), Chamberlain Pale Ale, Hockley Gold, BSA AKA ‘Birmingham Special Ale’, Livery Street Mild, Baskerville Bitter….I am sure they would love to be involved with the Bearwood Beer Festival as a Birmingham-based brewery….their website is at http://www.twotowersbrewery.co.uk or phone 0121 439 7253. The Two Towers Brewery is run by brothers Peter and Mark Arnott-Job. Mark can be contacted by email at mark@twotowersbrewery.co.uk……It would be great if we could see some Brummie-branded ales at the Bearwood Beer Festival at the Mayday Event at Lightwoods Park on 6th May………

  8. richard says:

    Mona, I will ask Bob to forward me your contact details and I will get in touch with you if thats ok

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