Smethwick’s listed buildings

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with the photography of Ken Harrison, who on a number of occasions has kindly donated his photographs for our use on here. You may also recall and/or visited the exhibition of his pictures of Smethwick last Summer at the Smethwick Heritage Centre.

Well, you've seen his photos, visited the exhibition… and now you can buy the book!

Ken's evocative black-and-white photographs of Smethwick's listed buildings are now available for you to purchase in a variety of formats (including an e-book version for iPad which is an absolute steal at £1.99 plus vat). Follow the link here to snap up your copy.

Bearwood's five listed buildings are included, of course. Thimblemill Baths is featured, (and the accompanying notes provided by the Council's conservation officer Alison Bishop should be essential bedtime reading for anyone considering closing the building) as are the Thimblemill Library, the Abbey Public House, the Lightwoods Park bandstand, and of course, the Lightwoods House.

Now… go buy your copy!!!


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4 Responses to Smethwick’s listed buildings

  1. keithbracey says:

    Brilliant Bearwood buildings………!

  2. James emery says:

    Hi, I have been a regular in the abbey public house for 20 years. Heard the shocking news today that the pub has been sold to developers and will be closed in 4 weeks. Obviously we cannot let this happen. I hope that someone can help us to get to the facts behind this supposed sale which was kept well and truly under the table and the steps which we as a community can take to save our beautiful pub. I’m sorry I cannot offer anymore details but this is as much as we know. The abbey is due to be closed on the 23rd February 2016. Please if there is anyone who can help get in touch asap.
    Yours hopefully

    • Julie Birley says:

      There is a petition on, will put link on. A small group of regulars are currently trying to find out information regarding the developers plans. Will keep people informed via Bob Piper who is supporting us.

  3. j t jones says:

    THE ( ABBEY PH ) is now up & running and its not a bad pint in there either

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