Dog damage happening again


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3 Responses to Dog damage happening again

  1. Jean Round says:

    Not only are the trees being damaged, the surrounding streets are being fouled constantly by lazy dog owners who do not clear up after their pets. In particular, the streets of Barclay and Abbey Roads, which are frequented by children to and from their schools, Abbey and St.Gregory’s. The absence of fouling was noticeable during the recent spell of snow. More bins are needed, and the fines should be imposed, it would be interesting if the Council published the number of fines imposed?

    • Bob says:

      Jean, the problem with fines, as with littering, is actually obtaining evidence. No council can afford to have wardens hanging around the street all day in the hope of catching a dog fouling the pavement, and when wardens are around the miscreants tend to avoid the fouling. If anyone knows of particular offences being carried out at a specific place at a regular time, let me know and I’ll get wardens to patrol.

  2. MF says:

    I am a responsible dog owner, and I too find lazy dog owners very annoying because the responsible owners always get tarred with the same brush. Whilst you mentioned that there seemed to be an absence of dog fouling during the snow, I’d also like to point out that during that same period, the litter and broken plastic left behind by those taking advantage of the snow was awful and hazardous to other users of the Woods too.

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