We’ve had a couple of inquiries about what is happening with the roadworks on Thimblemill traffic island.

Well, last year it was decided to remove the railings around the pavement at the traffic island. It looked ugly and unsightly, and it had been damaged by cars clipping it, so highways decided to remove the railings, but the state of the worn kerbstones meant something needed to be done to ensure the safety of pedestrians.  So as a result of pressure from the Bearwood Town Team we persuaded Highways to rebuild the kerbstones… hence the work this week which should mean the sight-lines will look so much better, without compromising safety.

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3 Responses to Roadworks

  1. Dont railings provide more safety for pedestrians? I would rather the ralings are clipped by the cars and not the pedestrins.

    • Bob says:

      That’s the point of raising the kerb, so that drivers won’t hit pedestrians, and we won’t have ugly railings. Let’s face it, we don’t have railings on the vast majority of other roads either.

  2. Feverfew says:

    Big improvement in my book! Don’t suppose there’s a chance of having a crossing there thought? It is a nightmare to cross in the mornings with traffic coming off the island.

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