A note from Cherie O'Sullivan:

This is just a quick note to inform you that the tree felling works in Lightwoods Park that will involve thinning the trees in the densely wooded area at the corner of the park near the Lightwoods Hill/Wigorn Road junction is set to commence on site on Monday 4th February. Local residents and the friends group have been informed.


I have received numerous requests from local residents for the timber for log fires. As a direct result Parks and Countryside Services and the Friends of Lightwoods Park and House have decided to retain the wood and offer it to local residents on a “donation to the Friends Group and/or for park improvements and events” basis. The logs will be ready for collection by the public from Friday 8th February 2013 and the gardener will collect the donations which will then be passed to the Lightwoods Park Project Officer. People will be able to collect the logs during the week between 8am and 2pm. If there are people who can not collect in the week then they will need to call / email Cherie O'Sullivan, on 0121 569 4740 / cherie_osullivan@sandwell.gov.uk to arrange collection on the weekends.


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2 Responses to Logs…

  1. David Jones says:

    Great news! Keeping it local. All my fires this winter have been from Smethwick felled trees! Thanks.

  2. Good idea, will let friends now.

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