Walk for Warley Woods

Who is the Walrus?

After the success of the Walk to Tipperary last year, the Warley Woods Community Trust are going for a themed fund raising walk again. The theme for this year's Walk for the Woods is the Mad Hatter’s walk. It will take place on Saturday 2nd March between 10am and 2pm.

The organisers would like people to come dressed as a character from Alice in Wonderland (or through the looking glass) or wearing a mad hat! There will be a prize for the maddest. It will be tied in with the theatre in the woods show this year which will be Alice – an extraordinary adventure. There will be a special edition badge for everyone as usual and also a tea party they can join to celebrate the miles they have walked for the woods. We also believe a local band will be entertaining the walkers as they trek on, including one of their new songs “Down the Rabbit Hole”

Of course the aim of the event is to raise money to help maintain Warley Woods and it would be great to top the money raised last year of £2,250. Sponsor forms are available from the shop or on our website.

Only thing left to decide is what animal to dress as this year – does anyone have a walrus costume?

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1 Response to Walk for Warley Woods

  1. keithbracey says:

    Brill Bearwood idea……!!!!!!!!

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