Work starts on new cafe

Work is due to start this week on a new cafe for Bearwood at the Bearwood Road-Three Shires Oak Road junction, on the site formerly occupied by World of Furniture, and prior to that by New Arrivals and the Mike Draper Fruits store.screen-shot-2012-10-30-at-15-03-20

The cafe is being developed by Queen Alexander College based in Harborne, which is a national charity for people with hearing and visual impairment and other disabilities. They intend to use the cafe as a training site for people to a high standard of service, but there will also be a cycle workshop attached to the site, as well as offices above. The cafe promises to bring something distinct to Bearwood, and it will have full wi-fi internet access, and we are told by those who have seen the designs that it promises to bring a much needed boost to that part of Bearwood.

It is expected that the cafe,to be called Coffee Junction, will open in the Spring.

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12 Responses to Work starts on new cafe

  1. keithbracey says:

    Brilliant idea for both QAC in Harborne and for Bearwood….s social enterprise bringing real benefits to its location Bearwood and its residents, increasing our offer and to those students from QAC who will benefit from the jobs and opportunities it creates…well done to my friend Hazel Hall who works at Queen Alexandra College in Court Oak Road in Harborne for your foresight and to Sandwell MBC Planners for the idea of siting the cafe in a prominent place in Bearwood where it will attract maximum custom for this deserving charity…..Well done to all involved-a ‘Win-Win’ for Bearwood!

  2. This is such a great idea, i hope all in bearwood will support the project.

  3. Musoplex says:

    Excellent. Something that Bearwood sorely needs.

  4. mark highton says:

    make mine a latte

  5. mark highton says:

    Yes , but we also need some work on the junction of Hagley Rd and the High St . I’m fed up with dodging the traffic coming from Lordswood Rd when I go for the 11. Come on you politicians’ you put yourselfs up for public office but we tax payers are putting up with third rate services and inadequate infastructure after a decade of the labour party in power. That junction is close to two schools and theres no facility for crossing. Scandalous

    • Bob says:

      Absolutely scandalous… you’re partially correct Mark. However, the junction isn’t controlled by Sandwell Council, but Birmingham City Council (which has been run by a Tory-Lib Dem coalition for about 7 years until last May). We have been campaigning for over a decade to get the ghastly underpass filled in and a pedestrian phase put on the traffic lights. The scheme was identified by the Dept. of Transport about 8 years ago but the City Council have been dragging heir heels.

      I’m pleased to be able to tell you that the work will go ahead starting in March It will take about 5 months to complete, and with the co-operation of the City Council (now back in Labour control) it should be sorted out by the end of the Summer.

      Sorry to be political… but you started it!

      • keithbracey says:

        Great news Bob….long overdue! I worked for Birmingham City Council in Economic Development and then Planning and Regeneration so I know how obtuse BCC planners and highways can be…..they like ‘throwing their weight around’ (just look at their scandalous management of Lightwoods Park and House for many years….totally underperformed and had a couldn’t care less attitude to Bearwood residents and Sandwell Council Tax-Payers…..absolutely scandalous and if the boot had been on the other foot and SMBC had acted like BIrmingham City Council they would have kicked up such a fuss and there would have been hell to pay as they would have probably taken their bat home and refused to co-operate on other projects like the upgrade of the Bearwood Road/Lordswood Road/Hagley Road traffic light junction. And don’t get me started on what is going on at the junction with Barnsley Road/Anderson Road/Hagley Road…..right in the middle of a fantastic Conservation Area…Barnsley Road Conservation Area, noted for its fantastic ‘Arts and Crafts’ dwellings which will hopefully be complemented by the new development by the Calthorpe Estate on the other side of Hagley Road: the Retirement Village on the site of the former Lambert Court Hotel another ‘Arts and Crafts’ Edwardian building which was scandalously demolished by The Calthorpe Estate who are meant to be the guardians of Edgbaston’s Heritage, aided and abetted by Birmingham City Council Planning Department who wanted the Lambert Court demolished because it stood in the way of their retirement village plans for that part of Edgbaston…..absolutely scandalous and disgusting behaviour by BCC, again acting as the ‘Big Brother’ local authority and acting just like a bully…..there RANT OVER! Keith Bracey, Ex-Bearwoodian and Sandwell Council Tax Payer.

  6. richard says:

    You may be ranting again sooner than you think Keith…..

  7. mr watcher says:

    Hi keith i find your comments interesting but I think i have more interesting news that you might like to hear about. if your interested please contact.

    • keithbracey says:

      Well……? I am intrigued as to your post Mr Watcher…..?I found your post aimed at Richard Marshall a little unfair as Richard does his ‘Best for Bearwood’ in my opinion…..
      He deserves MORE support rather than criticism on here……..

  8. Miriam says:

    How did a post about a new cafe turn into that!!!
    There hasn’t been a bike fixit shop for ages in Bearwood & I’ve really missed it. Seems like spring will never come so hope they open anyway

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