The Magical Christmas Garden

The Shakespeare Garden has been transformed for Bearwood on Ice and is proving very popular with the youngsters.

P1000695 P1000698 P1000701

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3 Responses to The Magical Christmas Garden

  1. Brian wood says:

    Not long back and I must sat that Shakespeare’s Garden was the highlight of the whole event. I think we have a rival to the Walsall Illuminations.

  2. Paul Cox says:

    Wonderful! Have taken my wife, in her wheelchair, this evening to see the display in the gardens, and we were amazed at how much work has been put into the displays and lighting. The gentlemen on the entrance were concerned about the muddiness of the paths using the wheelchair, offering help if required…how thoughtful. Congratulations all round, it was the highlight of the visit to the park. The whole event was great, and needs to be seen and enjoyed by all from Bearwood.

  3. richard- chair friends lightwoods park says:

    Paul- thank you so much posting this comment, people are so often quick to critisize these days and not to praise. It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife and I am glad you enjoyed yourself at our event

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