It’s happening!!

After discussions today with Sandwell Council officers, we can now confirm we have got the go-ahead for Bearwood on Ice 2012!

This year’s event is planned to take place between Saturday 15th and Saturday 22nd of December.


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12 Responses to It’s happening!!

  1. Kath McArdle says:

    It would be so much better if it went on after Christmas day, I heard lots of people saying this last year, is there any reason why it can’t go on longer?

    • Bob says:

      Yes, Kath. It is largely run by volunteers and to be honest, we like to spend Christmas with our families too! It would also, even if we could get volunteers, send the cost soaring I’m afraid.

  2. Tracy Mason says:

    Well done to all involved Can’t wait!

  3. Elizabeth Smith says:

    So excited, sure it will be bigger and better. Go team bearwood

  4. Natalie Lawson says:

    Really pleased its back but it’s a shame the kids are still at school during the week. My son breaks up on 21st so we will only really have Saturday to come and enjoy it.

    • Bob says:

      Natalie, yes, it is a pity they finish so late, but… there are two Saturdays available, and we are planning to open at around 2pm so there will be some time straight after school.

  5. This is fantastic news- it’s so exciting to see how vibrant Bearwood is becoming. Will there be stalls for local businesses?

  6. richard says:

    Yes , there will be

  7. stefan says:

    Was it actually ice though? I thought it was plastic?

    • Bob says:

      No, it isn’t ice, Stefan, you are quite right. The problem with real ice rinks is that they can’t be used if it rains until all surface water is cleared, so you risk a lot of downtime, and they cost a small fortune to freeze, which would make the skating price unrealistic. This isn’t really for professional Torville and Dean types, it’s a bit of fun for people.

  8. richard - chair FLPH says:

    ‘Bearwood on Plastic’ hasnt the same ring to it really, the reality of it is that if youve never skated before and you get on ‘real’ ice you spend the most of your time either on your bottom, or looking like a baby giraffe , wheres the fun in that? it was great to see last year kids of all ages having a fantastic time and we had many ‘real’ skaters saying that they didnt have any issues skating around including a under 16 UK champ, we had one ladywho used to skate for a living who lives very local to the park who came every night for a go, but more to the point we had large numbers of people come out just to enjoy themselves and relax in an event that you normallly have to travel to that was on their own doorstep, to me that was the best part of it all

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