The Silvershine Club – keeping jazz alive in Bearwood

As most of you will know the late, great Andy Hamilton passed away in the Summer leaving some uncertainty about the future of Bearwood Jazz. Andy’s son-in-law, Paul Foad, told the Bearwood Blog about the upcoming programme, and the plans to relaunch Bearwood Jazz as The Silvershine Club.

Andy’s regular Thursday evening jazz nights at the Corks Club in Bearwood is now up and running. As a tribute to Andy, the Bearwood Jazz club we are going to rename it after his first album, Silvershine.

There will be an official launch of the Silvershine Jazz club on the 20th December, but in the meantime, we’ve got a programme of excellent local jazz artists, who have all been associated with Andy over the years. As part of Andy’s legacy towards educating young musicians, we also intend to have regular jam sessions for anyone who would like an opportunity in playing in front of an audience.

The first one kicks off this Thursday 18th October, with a jam night, and one not to miss on the 25th October is Graeme Hamilton, one of Andy Hamilton’s sons, and a superb trumpeter, who has played with some of the world’s top pop and jazz musicians. Graeme Hamilton will be playing with a special guest band.

Here is a listing of the future gigs, all events start around 8.45pm:

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1 Response to The Silvershine Club – keeping jazz alive in Bearwood

  1. Deborah says:

    What a great idea and a lovely tribute to Andy Hamilton

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