Help needed for WW2 Roadshow

Chris Sutton, Manager of the Smethwick Heritage Centre, has a World War Two roadshow at St Mary’s church hall on Saturday 10th November from 10-4pm.


Chris is looking for a few people who would help with moving stuff and setting up the displays.


He has access to the room from 7pm on the Friday and from 8am on the Saturday.


Are there volunteers in our Bearwood community who might want to lend a hand?


Chris says he needs about 6 people in total.

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5 Responses to Help needed for WW2 Roadshow

  1. keithbracey says:

    Hi Bob
    I bumped into Richard Marshall in Bearwood on Monday and he let me know about this.
    I tried to contact Chris Sutton to no avail.

    I am volunteering to help on the evening of Friday 9th November and have my own (small) car so could ferry things from The Lodge to St Mary’s Church if required.

    Unfortunately I am unable to commit to the Saturday as I act as ‘Dad’sTaxi’ for my 16 year old daughter who plays all over the Midlands for Harborne Hockey Club’s Women’s 1st XI in the First Division of the National Hockey League.

    Please ask Chris to contact me should he require my services….I’m a fairly big bloke who used to play rugby and am used to shifting things around.

    He could befriend me on Facebook or reply through your own good offices if needs be

    I am also a member of the Smethwick Heritage Centre Trust and the Smethwick Local History Society and have been looking to get more involved with both organisations.

    Best wishes


    Kind regards

    Keith Bracey

  2. wayne says:

    hi ,i can help out at the st marys end ,i also have a collection of ww2 british para kit ,american para kit and german mountain troop uniform ,my son and myself reenact this peroid of history and would be willing to help out as our reenactment season is now over and can be walking examples of the time ,email if we can be of use

    • Wayne says:

      Still available but need conformation ,if I receive non I shall take it as we are not required ,but will pop in to have a look

  3. David Waldron says:

    I’m going to try and my scouts to help. Fiennes explorers and smethwick old church scouts.

  4. keithbracey says:

    My apologies I am now unable to help out on Friday 9th November as my wife has informed me that I am attending my daughter’s School Speech Day at the Great Hall of Birmingham University as she is to be awarded a Subject Prize for Physical Education….if I tell my wife I will be helping out setting up the SHCT WW2 Roadshow that evening my life will not be worth living……please accept my profound apologies for leading you up the garden path. If nothing else this has taught me to talk to my wife about what my daughter is doing at school on a more regular basis………Sorry…….Keith Bracey

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