Drive-in gets go-ahead from Licensing

Lightwoods Park has been granted a full licence by Sandwell Council's Licensing Committee to enable the Friends Group to carry on with plans for more events like last month's drive-in movie.

An objection from a local resident to a hearing at yesterday's meeting of the Licensing Panel threatened to limit events in the park until no later than 9pm on the grounds of public nuisance to residents whose homes border the park. The objection also sought to restrict the events to prohibit them from taking place on the park extension, west of Galton Road.

Richard Marshall, Chair of the Friends Group told the Bearwood Blog, “Both of these restrictions would have made any future drive-in movie events impractical. The screenings require a minimum of dusk, and preferably darkness, and the events need to take place when it is relatively warm, which in this country limits us to Spring or early Autumn. If it doesn't start to get dark until 8pm then a 9pm finish is obviously a non-starter. In addition, the lower section of the park can not take sufficient cars to make it financially viable.”

In granting the permission the Licensing Panel said the events must finish by 10.30pm and the park cleared by no later than 11.30pm, and neighbouring properties should be notified in advance of upcoming events. Environmental Health will also be asked to monitor noise.

Councillor Bob Piper said, “I appreciate the objectors' concerns, but the feedback from the Grease event was almost entirely positive, with only a single person complaining. The organisers did everything they could to minimise nuisance and I am very pleased that Licensing have taken the decision they have.”

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3 Responses to Drive-in gets go-ahead from Licensing

  1. keithbracey says:

    Hear, Hear! A victory for common sense and the community….mind you at one point some kids (not sure where their parents were…?) were sounding their car horn loudly and incessantly. I did have a quiet word (well not so quiet according to my wife who described it as an ‘aggressive bellow’) in what I thought was a ‘schoolmasterly’ way, which seemed to do the trick…however I think a reminder to all when they access the site NOT to sound their horns and to have some respect for local residents may be a good idea…..? Just a thought…..

  2. MaryC says:

    I live in one of the properties that backs on to the the Galton Rd park extension so the screening was effectively right behind my home.

    Yes we did hear some horn beeping but can honestly say that overall the screening caused zero disruption to us.

    It was wonderful to see such a fun event laid on for the community and we are delighted that there are plans for similar events in the future.

    • keithbracey says:

      Thanks Mary….nice to have such a positive reaction. As someone who really enjoyed the evening as a punter I wondered how local residents would react to the cacophony of car horns we had at one point…….? It is great to hear that it did not bother you to any great extent. The fact that the event finished before 10 pm and that The LIghtwoods Park Extension was empty of cars by around 10.30 pm was a positive for the event organisers.
      A big shout out and thank you to Richard Marshall and his team of volunteers and Sandwell Council without whom this fantastic event for the Bearwood community would not have happened.

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