Some more good publicity for Barry…

Even if the Birmingham Mail still insist in trying to colonise Bearwood in to Birmingham!


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4 Responses to Some more good publicity for Barry…

  1. keithbracey says:

    You forget Bob, parts of Bearwood ARE in BIrmingham….I consider myself Bearwood ‘born and bred’ however my postal address when I lived in Willow Avenue in Bearwood was Willow Avenue, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B17 8HE.

    I don’t know what constitutes Bearwood and which parts are in Smethwick and which parts are in Birmingham?

    The boundary between Edgbaston in Birmingham and Warley (Bearwood) in Smethwick seems to run along the brook between Willow Avenue and Merrivale Road.

    Is this Chad Brook ? Can anyone enlighten me? Chad Brook runs through the playing fields of Lordswood School on the other side of the Hagley Road and on into Harborne through the Chad Valley.

    Older readers may remember the old toy manufacturer ‘Chad Valley’ based in Harborne?

    Has Chad Brook been culverted through Bearwood as I seem to think the brook surfaces again at the top of Willow Avenue at the back of The T.C. Hayes car park.

    Throughout my school days I walked the mile to school at George Dixon Junior and Infants (and latterly the Grammar School) in City Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham.

    I would walk down Willow Avenue to the bottom of the hill where Dorset Road meets Sycamore Road which, thinking about it was a natural valley with the brook running underground or being culverted again at this point in Dorset Road.

    I remember that there was a County Boundary Post where Dorset Road became Sycamore Road. This metal post delineated the boundary between the old County Borough of Smethwick, Warley and Edgbaston in Birmingham.

    I wonder if that is still there, some 50 years after the event…..?

    If anyone can enlighten me as to whether the brook IS Chad Brook I’d be grateful….?

    I have a feeling that it flows down to the bottom of Cape Hill and into the former Mitchell’s and Butler’s Cape Hill Brewery site which probably originally used the Brook as a source of water for brewing beers and ales way back in the 1870’s when the brewery was built.

    This is backed up by the fact that the original logo for Mitchell’s and Butlers in Victorian times was ‘The Deer’s Leap’ showing a deer jumping over a brook or stream.

    Confirmation or otherwise gratefully received……..

    • Bob says:

      Keith, I am sure one of our local ‘historians’ could probably tell you, but our own Councillor Eling who tends to know these things, is just about to jet off to the far East.

      One thing I do know though… Azzari Too ain’t in Brum!

      • keithbracey says:

        Absolutely Bob….more power to his elbow….anything that ‘bigs up Bearwood’ is OK in my book….! Did you see the Fleetwood Mac music documentary on BBC4 on Sunday evening….featuring one Christine McVie….nee Perfect, who hails from Bearwood….Rock Royalty on our doorstep….perhaps we could have our own ‘Bearwood Walk of Stars’ like Broad Street……Julie Walters, Frank Skinner, Christine McVie, Kevin Rowland, Kelly Sotherton………..Laurence Saunders…………..? You think I jest…….?

      • Bob says:

        Hey, don’t forget The Beatles and The Kinks at Thimblemill Baths…

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