If you look at the photograph below you will see the horrific damage that has been done to a tree in Lightwoods Park. It is thought that this may have been done by a dog, let off the leash by a totally irresponsible owner and then the dog rakes and bites/peels the bark off the trees. One particularly aggressive dog was witnessed doing this not long ago and if it continues it will have devastating consequences.

There are a large number of historic trees in the park and this could result in damage to the point that they may need to be felled or have emergency treatment to make them safe – missing bark will result in rot.

The police and wardens have been alerted! But if you see anyone with a dog allowing it to cause this sort of damage, could you please notify Cherie O'Sullivan via or ring her on 0121 569 4740


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13 Responses to Shocking!

  1. Michelle Fisher says:

    Has more than one tree been damaged or is the same tree being targeted because I was going to suggest putting a fence round it while it recovers.

  2. Cherie O'Sullivan says:

    There are lots of trees which have been damaged so please keep an eye out and please let me know if you see anything.

  3. hazel shipton says:

    if that damage is caused by a dog imagine the damage that it could to do a human frightening!

  4. Deborah says:

    If anyone sees a dog being encouraged to do this, please also contact the RSPCA. Attacks on trees and in particular encouraging dogs to hang off branches are methods used to train dogs to fight, so it may well be that an irresponsible owner is also engaged in illegal dogfighting.
    I have not seen any trees damaged in this way, but we seem to be absolutely plagued by idiots who go around snapping off young saplings both in Lightwoods and Warley Woods.

  5. Michelle Palmertree says:

    I do hope you people are looking in the right direction and targeting the owner of the dog(s) doing this and not the dog. I know the disgusting BSL laws in place and the cruelty towards so called ‘dangerous breeds’ and am sure there are some blood thirsty people looking for any reason to murder an innocent animal when the blame lies with the human at the other end of leash. The dog should be RESCUED and found a loving home while the human is investigated.

  6. Deborah says:

    Michelle, I entirely agree with your point and sincerely hope that no one has interpreted my comments as a criticism of any dog that may be involved. Incidentally, I hope everyone is remaining aware that at present there is no proof that this damage was caused by a dog – although funnily enough, since I put my comment on here yesterday, this factor has suddenly appeared on the front page of the Chronicle under the auspices of Cllr Bob Piper!

    • Bob says:

      Not sure what you mean by ‘under the auspices’ – which I’ve always understood to mean patronage or endorsement – and I haven’t seen The Chronicle, but I suspect they will have picked the story up from the blog the same as you, rather than ‘under my auspices’.

  7. Deborah says:

    I noticed another tree on Warley Woods (near the golf course) this morning that had similar damage – obviously a problem and let’s hope the perpetrator is caught soon.

    • Cherie O'Sullivan says:

      I have spoken to the gardener at Lightwoods Park this afternoon and he said another tree had been damaged over night last night so whoever is doing this is doing it between 4pm and 7am. Please keep your eyes peeled and let me know. Thank you for your help.

  8. Deborah says:

    I see the police in tonight’s Chronicle are quoted as saying that this is unlikely to be a dog and looks more like ordinary vandalism, so that is something worth knowing if people are looking out for the culprit.

  9. richard says:

    Crime wont crack itself!

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