Three people, 30 mins, three half-bags of rubbish was all that was collected on the park extension this morning after last night's drive-in.



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3 Responses to Remarkable

  1. Teresa Nikolic says:

    It was remarkable Bob, but realistically there shouldn’t have been ANY rubbish, after all most people were in their cars, why not just keep their rubbish in their cars and take it home with them?? Simples!!

    • Bob says:

      Oh I agree 100% Teresa, but just think how much council tax payers money we could save if people did that everywhere. If only.

      • keithbracey says:

        Thanks to you Bob and Richard Marshall and his ‘Team Bearwood’ volunteers who were superb all night…..I hope that local residents in Lightwoods Road were not inconvenienced too much on the night….? I will ask one of my friends who lives towards the bottom of Lightwoods Hill near its junction with Galton Road, how it was for them on the night….? At one point before ‘Grease’ started there was a cresecendo of a cacophony of car horns going off mostly instigated by a bunch of kids in a car with their parents absent to whom I shouted in my best school masters’ voice: ‘Have some respect for the local residents….!!!!’ and that must have been pretty scary as they desisted immediately, looking a little sheepish…..! Job done…and I’m not even one of team Bearwood….! One other observation, in front of us there was a tall, fair-haired woman in a long black coat (on a very dark night too…..) without any high-viz jacket who was helping to direct traffic….very well actually (not sure she was an off-duty policewoman, or a ‘special’ ? However from an insurance point of view she should NOT have been doing it, no matter how much she wanted to help….Naturally in the rush to the exits when the ‘Grease’ credits started to roll she was nearly run over in the rush as cars streamed past us in row 3 near the front and middle as we soaked up the last bit of ‘Grease’ atmosphere by watching the fantastic cartoon closing credits (by the way who is: ‘Louis St Louis’ ? who wrote most of the lyrics for the songs) All it needed was for one of the cars to clip the leg of this kind and concerned lady and she would not have had a ‘leg to stand on’ quite literally if her leg had been broken…..? Think of the consequences for ‘Team Bearwood’ and future events at the park….? I would say leave all of the stewarding to ‘Team Bearwood’ as they are experienced in these matters. Enthusiastic ‘amateurs’ are not what is wanted as they are a danger to themselves and others! A fantastic night of nostalgia and ‘singalong’ songs for me my wife Mary and our friend Caroline. I was 20 in 1978 when ‘Grease’ came out first time around and it brought memories flooding back for me of that time and my then girlfriend at the University of Birmingham. I think we saw ‘Grease’ at The Gaumont Cinema in Birmingham City Centre. Our fantastic evening started with traditional ‘Yarkshire Style’ fishnchips from Simon and his team at Chamberlain’s Quality Fish and Chips nestled between the former Jonathan’s Hotel and McDonald’s up by what we used to call the ‘Warley Bowl’ ( it was the former cinema on that site which was turned into a Bowling Alley) AKA the Bass House, now the Amber Tavern junction of Hagley Road West and Wolverhampton Road. At Chamberlains
        I had the mini fish and chips which was an absolute bargain at £4.95 and my wife had a burger and chips (she is not too keen on fish in batter, Chamberlain’s will grill fish to order for those none too partial to batter) which had a slice of cheese and also a thick slice of Bowketts Black Country Black Pudding smothered in fried onions….. it looked and was delicious….The bill came to just over £10 with drinks which IMHO is an absolute bargain. As we were attending the drive in presentation of ‘Grease’ we got a 20% discount from Simon the proprietor of Chamberlains upon production of our ticket….Thanks to Simon and his team for looking after us so well! With full tummies we ambled back to our car and settled down to watch Grease and were not disappointed….a couple of pints in The Dog afterwards and a perfect night concluded as we drove home singing: ‘You’re the one that I want……! Ooo, ooo, ooo, Honey!!!!’ very satisfied at Lightwoods Parks first drive-in movie presentation… more thing next Spring the next ‘singalong film’ should be: ‘Mamma Mia’! featuring local heroine Julie Walters who grew up in Bearwood at 10 Bishopton Road, nearer the entrance to Lightwoods Park, and after that what about ‘Dirty Dancing’ with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, another fantastic ‘feelgood film’ or a darker film for the adults: Liza Minelli’s 1972 Oscar-laden classic: ‘Cabaret’ or even ‘Westside Story’ on ‘My Fair Lady’ those would be my choices for future films that ought to be considered IMHO. What do other Bearwood Folk think? I’m looking forward to the next ‘Bearwood Shuffle’ today…..Bearwood really is the ‘place to be’ this weekend!!!!! Well done ‘Team Bearwood’ and Richard Marshall, Chair of the ‘Friends of Lightwoods Park and House’ and local Abbey Ward Councillor Bob Piper for having the vision to stage this event which was a fantastic triumph of a night for the Bearwood Community!

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