Bearwood’s weekend fun continues…


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3 Responses to Bearwood’s weekend fun continues…

  1. keithbracey says:

    Getalong little dogies to the next ‘Bearwood Shuffle’ today at the bandstand in Lightwoods Park, near to Lightwoods House to hear local bands play live music……you know it makes sense! Another Brill event from ‘Team Bearwood’ and ‘The Bearwood Promoters’!!!!!

    • Bob says:

      All credit to the ‘Promoters’ on this one Keith, they have done a great job of bringing more live music in to Bearwood.

      • keithbracey says:

        Absolutely Bob…..Jo Billings is a ‘Bearwood All Star’ all on her own…..Brilliant things happening in Bearwood at the mo, a real sense of Community and coming together IMHO! Off to my allotment in Dale Street the Bearwood Allotment Holders site at the back of ‘The Barleycorn Pub’ and then to the ‘Bearwood Shuffle’ for some live music and dancing…BTW Bearwood Allotment Holder’s Association still have some allotments available to rent if anyone is interested in growing their own food?….Cheers….Brilliant Bearwood and Bearwoodians….keep up the momentum and the great work! Bearwood has never seen a weekend like it with Friday evening’s Drive-In movie presentation of ‘Grease’ with national news coverage on ITN and the ‘Bearwood Shuffle’ today in the Lightwoods Park Bandstand…..Go Bearwood! Go!

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