Important information for Friday

There are a couple of important things people need to be aware of for Friday evening.


Firstly, the gas works on Lightwoods Hill will still be in place so people are strongly advised to both enter and leave via the Hagley Road end of Galton Road from the in to Birmingham direction.

Secondly, on police instructions, the junction across Hagley Road in to Galton Road coming from the Kings Head direction will be closed on the evening.

Be Patient

The organisers are asking drivers to be patient in leaving the park after the movie. It will take a fair time to move hundreds of vehicles out of the park, and stewards will try to keep cars moving, but drivers will need to be patient.

Show Respect

Please try to remember that the park borders nearby residencies and they are entitled to their privacy and peace and quiet. Avoid sounding your horn, slamming car doors or revving up engines in a manner which could disturb local people.


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3 Responses to Important information for Friday

  1. Dee says:

    So much for quiet & consideration – loads of car horns beeping. Council lied too about noise said no loudspeakers but can hear all soundtrack.

  2. richard - chair FLPH says:

    Dee- sorry this seemed to bother you so much but just to clarify, the speakers were playing different tunes to enable people entering site to tune in there car stereos to the frequency so that our neighbours bordering the park not entering into the spirit of the evening so ensuing them a quiet night- with reference to the cars beeping their horns I can only apologise for this as chair of the friends group and lead organiser,it had nothing to do wih coucil, but more so it was in celebration of a young man proposing live on the screen to his fiancee and unfortunately I have no control over the spontaneous joyand happiness of some many people

  3. mindy says:

    the movie finished around 10 0 clock people may have been bibbing there horns because they were excited it was a new thing overall everybody enjoyed it it was a good atmosphere no trouble and should definately be done again maybe next time you should of come along instead of sitting in your house and complaining!! spoke to over 20 people including adults and kids and everybody had a brilliant time, Thanks again for bringing this to our community 🙂

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