A growing solution!

We have had a number of complaints in recent months about the increasing problem of vehicles parking on the pavement on Bearwood Road in front of the vacant shops towards the bus station end of the road.

It was a tricky problem because the Council couldn't issue parking tickets because on that stretch of the road the pavement immediately in front of the shops is privately owned by the leaseholders, and the police couldn't intervene because the vehicles weren't obstructing the highway.

But following discussions between the Traders' Association and the Council's Streetscene officers, it looks like a temporary solution has been found. These flower tubs have been put in front of the empty shops while they are waiting to be let, and can be moved around as different shops become vacant or are let. They may not be as attractive as the new tubs look, but at least they stop the shopping centre looking like a car park.


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10 Responses to A growing solution!

  1. Pat says:

    Congrats to the Traders and Streetscene, Bob, as this type of parking tends to wreck the paving stones (at least the old style ones), so saves another job for the council to do and cost to the council taxpayers.

  2. Deborah says:

    Now THAT is imaginative. Brilliant Bearwood!

  3. Brian wood says:

    I’m so glad that this eyesore is going to be addressed. Great idea.

  4. hazel shipton says:

    well done at least we can use the pavement for what it was intended for walking on!

    • Bob says:

      Perhaps Mrs Parkes doesn’t realise Bearwood isn’t actually in Birmingham. It’s a common error.

    • Steve Eling says:

      Well at least the article gets the name of the road right “Bearwood Road” and not “High Street”.

      What the article is bemoaning though is the loss of independent traders and take-over by the chain stores, although the comment about Tesco moving into the old Woolworths as the example seems to forget that Woolworths was a chain.

      Whilst the article comments on the lack of local connection provided by independent traders, it clearly doesn’t recognise the issue of who owns the shops and what their interest is in the area. Most of Bearwood’s shops are open and many belong to local owners who have a direct interest in Bearwood. Some are owned by absentee landlords.

      So, who do you think owns the block where all the empty shops are empty between Adkins Lane and Anderson Road; and who owns the shop where the greengrocers gets kicked out to let someone else in who will probably pay more rent? Yes, you guessed it, not the local owners.

      • Bob says:

        Spot on, Steve. Compare and contrast those shops with those owned by Mike Draper on Three Shires Oak Road, where although there is a turnover of tenants, shops remain vacant for a minimum amount of time.

        The only way we will do anything about the properties between the bus station and Anderson Road is if the landlords adopt a more responsible attitude or the government legislate to force them to do so. Neither option offers much cause for optimism though.

  5. Ian Bradley says:

    Does it really matter .The same problems are still there Empty shops .Johnsons dry cleaners are now going .11 empty shops at the top of the High Street .It really worries me .I have so much affection for Bearwood .But ?

  6. Deborah says:

    We’ve got a really good independent dry cleaner down our end – directly opposite Bearwood Primary so perfect for parking on a Saturday and just popping across the road with your clothes for dry cleaning or repair. They’ve always been far superior to Johnsons, and moreover the wonderful Paul South Butchers is not far from there, plus the community cafe that Bearwood Chapel is hoping to open soon.

    Oh yes, we’ve got it good down the Smethwick end!

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