Brilliant local talent at Bearwood Jazz tonight

On the last Thursday before their Summer break at Bearwood Corks and Bearwood Jazz bring you a glimpse into the future of Jazz in the West Midlands with Reuben James.

The prodigious young talent that is Reuben James started as a young teenager in the Notebenders and has gone on to play in Birmingham Youth Jazz and tour with the great Abram Wilson. They will be on stage around 9.00pm.

When he first played the Corks in his own right, back in January, not only did Reuben play piano but he sang songs, scatted, and wowed the audience with both his ability to make music and his ability to entertain. That time it was a trio. For the follow up gig in March he brought a quartet with a fellow Conservatoire student on guitar. Who knows what he’s got planned this time, but you can be sure you’ll be well entertained with a great night’s Jazz.

(The above photo is Reuben playing with Johnny Patrick and Andy Hamilton & The Blue Notes at the Symphony Hall. When Andy booked JP to play he got Reuben to come down just so JP could get a look at the lad, and JP was well impressed!)

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2 Responses to Brilliant local talent at Bearwood Jazz tonight

  1. Peter Lovatt says:

    It looks good – its good to notify on the day, but is there any chance of more notice too. I would like to have gone, but only saw the email this morning

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