Calling all Bus Users

Hello, I am a local resident and I regularly use buses to get in and out of Birmingham.
As a result of the Midland Metro Extension, Corporation Street, a busy bus interchange, has permanently closed, causing many bus services to be relocated to other areas of Birmingham City Centre.

Services 127/128 serve Bearwood on their journey to Birmingham, these services have been relocated to the Birmingham Markets (Upper Dean Street) [see here] which means local people who are used to catching these services on Corporation Street now have to walk a long distance to get to the new departure point.

In order to decrease the walking distance to and from these services I propose a new route that will bring services 127/128 to Corporation Street outside the Square Peg (this section of the street has not been closed) [see here].

In order for this proposition to happen, we need as many people as possible to write to Centro ( regarding this.

Richard Wallis

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36 Responses to Calling all Bus Users

  1. Carl Schneider says:

    Thanks for this. Email sent.

  2. That’s great thanks. Its good to know that there are people on my side!

  3. Great idea. Not that happy w/ bus stop changes.

  4. Antonios (Food Emporio) says:

    i sent an e-mail to the bus company to express my disaproval.

  5. You have a point there, I may change the map to include the markets although this would make a large timetable extension.
    But anyway the route wouldn’t have to exactly match my proposed route, the main thing we want is for the services to serve Corporation Street

  6. I have updated the map which now has an extra option to include the markets. (Browser Cache may need clearing to view new map)

  7. I would just like to let everyone know that I have also produced petition sheets, 1 and a half of these is now full which are around 30 signature spaces. Once I have collected more signatures I will also be sending this to Centro, this should hopefully have a big influence on their decision.

  8. T says:

    I can’t understand why the 126 has to change route. It currently follows the no.9 route in and out and so shouldn’t be affected by the road closures.

    • I agree, the 126 should terminate at Colmore Row as it did before.
      It’s getting a bit annoying and confusing now, first it did serve the markets, then it didn’t and now they’ve put it back there again.

  9. James Bovill says:

    Hi there – I’m a reporter for BBC WM – would anyone involved with this be able to contact me to update on the petition? thanks!

  10. Robin Clarke says:

    There’s absolutely not the slightest point in writing to the deceitful criminals Centro (see proof of their criminality at
    And there’s no justification for any such new bus route to slightly fudge things better.
    Simply the criminal closing of Corpn St should be reversed.
    It IS illegal. The judges’ lies that the judicial review is out of time should be exposed for what it is.
    They have no honest answer to my point that the deadline for jud rev cannot be before people at least have a passable chance to know what the decision is, else the legal system becomes a sham giving false legitimacy to corruption, whereby if crooks such as centro just lie long enough then their lies will be rewarded with a judicial seal of pretended legitimacy.
    That’s why everyone should be complaining in support of my judicial review challenge and concentrating on nothing else.
    They have to come to my hearing and make their presence felt with ANGRY SHOUTING (not just sitting meekly at the back). Unfortunately I’ve not yet received a date for that hearing.
    Robin Clarke
    0121 456 4274

    • I seriously don’t know what you’re getting at here. Although I don’t agree with what Centro are doing, it is in no way Illegal.
      I looked at your website, I noticed a section that read “zero public consultation or even honest publicity beforehand”, both of these did happen, the exhibition buses visited various venues across the region (including Bearwood) which is the “public consultation” and there was plenty of “publicity” before the changes took place in the form of leaflets etc.

      Also I disagree with you posting your own information on this post as if to divert people to your own petitions etc. If you wanted a blog post about your website then you should have asked the relevant people – i.e Bob Piper – to post it for you just as I did.

      • Robin Clarke says:

        Dear Richard, you incorrectly claim above that the bus changes were in no way illegal and that there indeed was proper consultation and publicity. But you are 100% wrong. The actual facts of what happened, and more to the point what didn’t, were fully documented in my legal statement which I spent much time researching (and posted on . How about you read that first? And again, in the Birmingham Post I challenged Centro to show what words in what documents show the consultation, and again, their longwinded reply completely failed to answer that challenge. They deliberately waited till the very last moment to launch their nasty surprise on the bus users.

        Meanwhile they and the council lied that they were “pedestrianising” Corporation St anyway. Sure, with two sloping rail tracks down it.

        As I said it would be, your 127/8 petition and letter-writing to Centro has turned out to be a waste of time. Centro don’t care what bus users think, they only care about their Metro profits. The whole system is now broke. The only thing that can make a difference is coming to the hearing of my judicial review challenge, at Bull St courts on 8th November, time to be announced day before (phone 681 3033 or 456 4274).

  11. Michael Byrne says:

    I live in Smethwick but since no 444 bus my mom and me have no link to Bearwood, and our link to Oldbury is a walk away on the 89. My mom is 73 and has to push a trolley. The roads by us are long and steep and going up and down is a strain especially for the elderly. I think the link to Birmingham and West Bromwich by the 83 is great but our main shopping is Bearwood and Oldbury and Oldbury is only 10 minutes away by bus. Even getting home at night is terrible as the shops open late but the buses dry up especially from Oldbury and Bearwood to our areas so its a walk and struggle in the dark. There is also no link to Smethwick Galton Station which is a walk and crossing busy dual carriageway and which i now frequently don’t use. Wish there could be something done. Cheers for listening

  12. hazel shipton says:

    the 448 used to go by galton station and the inependent living centre which helps disabled people inc blind people,since there is no longer a direcr link from bearwood it is now harder to use facilities at in living centre,my husband is blind and found centre useful as was being abl to use galton station,no good moaning i suppose we are only the users not the planners of useful routes!

    • Bob says:

      I agree, Hazel. The consultation on the changes appeared to have been limited to TELLING us what they were doing. As you say, we’re only the poor bloody fare payers!

    • Mike Byrne says:

      I agree hazel. The 448a/b used to run of a night via smethwick galton bridge and the 444 of a daytime. Is used to run up devonshire road and connect my are of west smethwick and areas such as the blue gates, stoney lane with bearwood but now people either have to walk to the high st or get two buses to bearwood. I use smethwick baths and its a long and complicated journey yet i live a 5min car ride away. Oldbury is also a walk and bus ride away or two buses. We have never been thst connected but we use sainsburys a lot. The roads are very complex and steep/long they took off some buses as it took too long but actually the bulk of the problem was in warley with the bus going up smaller roads which took time but they dont ask these questions. There is a 46 now going to galton bridge station but that again is a walk away and only runs to certain times no night buses and it only goes to londonderry yet it goes to pheasey which i dont know many people that want to go there.

  13. Mike Byrne says:

    At lot of buses to smethwick and bearwood are located a big walk away. I work at thinktank but to catch my local bus its a huge walk across birmingham msny buses like the 87 only go the high st of smethwick and miss bearwood etc. Many buseshave been moved to the town hall area and you cannot catch the buses like the 87 as it goes around in a circular back into birmingham i presume a lot has to do with the tram extensions

  14. Mike Byrne says:

    There is poor integration connection galton bridge bearwood and west smethwick londonderry together especislly as galton bridge goes everywhere and people want day outings but also work wise. Its odd as my end of west smethwick, langley, oldbury and bearwood should be easy connected yet it seems cut off somehow

  15. Richard Wallis says:

    I completely agree with everyone here, lots of people have been put out by all of the changes made to our bus services. It appears that nothing can be done, it seems to make no or little difference writing to the companies and authorities in involved; as you may know services 127/8/9 are now moved to terminate in Colmore Row in Birmingham as of tomorrow, this is even more of an inconvenience to some people. At least one plus point can be said, the 126 will still link Bearwood to the markets, although we are still left with no direct link to Smethwick High St. Thanks to those who sent an email to Centro!

    • Mike Byrne says:

      The 83 used to go from near smethwick high st to the markets but like the 127/8/9 terminates in colmore row and by the town hall now. I wouldnt mind but there is a lot of buses that are only ever hour including sundays and some of them dont turn up. I was waiting an hour for the 83 and two were missed out and the 61 near windmill lane was 30mins late and it was raining and windy so they have a few things to sort out not just the routes

    • Mike says:

      I am still angry in a way, they said the 444 took too long, it could have been simplified around Warley, the buses like the 83 are not a replacement for the 444, it doesnt go to Bearwood, (its a great bus otherwise btw) but those who moaned have cost us a Bearwood bus I hope they are happy we have to struggle up hills with shopping!

  16. hazel shipton says:

    wish they would re route 48 to visit smethwick high st,and galton bridge railway,now we have a 2 or 3 bus change for the journet,perhaps the powers at centro should use only buses for 1 week and see how they cope

    • Mike Byrne says:

      Agree hazel that would make sense. They were moving the 46 to go to galton bridge station. But since ive not seen it. It goes to pheasey apparently why i dont know but i totally understand the 46 going to west brom crem. But why it does a strange loop and not go to bearwood is beyond me. My mom has met so many in bearwood and who live on areas cut off from bearwood where the old 444 used to go many in areas next to bearwood including parts near londonderry, connection to smethwick leisure centre is also cut off and 2 or 3 buses is needed, but as people say they dont listen. Its crazy as the nearest shopping areas are oldbury and bearwood

    • Mike Byrne says:

      Hi hazel i have contacted centro and they say there is the 129 and they failed to mention the 48 on holly lane. They said there is little chance of bus change to bearwood etc despite me saying that my mom is 73 and has to drag shopping quite a distance. They said nobidy should be 400m from a destination stop and there was buses to connect to other buses. But who want to lug heavy shopping off 2 or 3 buses? Also the buses dont conincide at the same time so you are left with big waits in between buses especially in bad weather. My road in winter is cut off as its hilly especially in bad weather and its dangerous to lug shopping aroubd. I know loads of areas now not connected to bearwood oldbury or west bromwich cheers

    • Mike Byrne says:

      The other issue is many services run every hour and are rarely on time and only run to 6pm

    • Mike Byrne says:

      We are 0.4 of a mile from a bearwood stop and 0.35 from an oldbury stop which is 680+ and 480+ metres respectively thats way over 400 recommended distance

    • mickeycool34 says:

      I agree the 48 could run along Holly Lane Devonshire Rd, Stony Lane and High St onto Disability living Centre etc. The 89 should connect with Bearwood from the Uplands and the 54 (old 444 route part) could also go to Bearwood as currently they are cut off from Bearwood in the Oval and other roads wouldnt solve all of Warley’s issues but it would be a start. I suggest the 50A/C could serve West Park Rd and the 89 can go back on St Pauls Road (as at the moment its trying to do what 444 did!).

  17. Mike Byrne says:

    So basicalky according to centro as long as we are all 400 netres to a bus service its ok regardless of whether that service goes to where you need it to go. I would suggest every area is connected to the major centre and major facilities that is important for work shopping which is the point of buses. I have a bus that goes to brandhall, why i dont know – no one in my area goes there as our shopping centres are oldbury and bearwood. We have a 46 to pheasey why? There are large areas with no connections to leisure centres smethwick and langley from large parts of smethwick and sandwell. We have two arriva services that only run once an hour and are walk for many pointless!

    • Mike Byrne says:

      I suggest rerouting the 46 or 48 via galton bridge and smethwick high street and via stony lane and devonshire road and the 46 should possibly go to bearwood? Or rerouting an arriva/diamond service via those areas from bearwood to oldbury via smethwick high street as the 122, 20 and 21 has virtually nobody on them when i see them or get on them, which I presume is a loss for the bus companies.

  18. SJ says:

    why on earth do so many buses go around the residential roads of bearwood, wigorn, st marys, barclay etc. They disturb the residence and are normally empty. Whats wrong with the high street where they will not disturb as many people. Cant bus users make the very short walk from these streets to the high street.

    • Bob says:

      Under bus deregulation (thank you Mrs Thatcher) buses can run wherever they feel they can make a few quid profit, and there’s not much anyone can do to stop them.

    • Mike says:

      I see people walk to Smethwick High St passing bus stops even right by them so clearly the buses are unreliable, infrequent or even go where people need them so the High St has frequent services its the only explanation for it and tbf I kind of agree with them

  19. mickeycool34 says:

    I agree buses go around too many small roads which also add journey time. ours is residential but a broad road which covers loads of other roads so it rarely disturbs anyone and is a necessity as we are on a hill. The 444 was a vital Bearwood to Smethwick link and was took off as it went down too many roads so took too long. now the 50A 50C takes even longer and doesnt even cover us. It should go down St Pauls, Smethwick High St, Stony Lane, Devonshire and then Holly Lane and ignore that pointless Holly Lane bit. in Warley but as a result our link was took off and I blame the complainers. It should be kept on but just went to major roads and vital ones. I am thinking of not going to Smethwick baths as there is no bus near there on a sunday and Adult swimming is only then

  20. Mike says:

    They said the 83 replaced part of the 444 route this is in correct (I love the links with 83 by the way), 444 went from Bearwood to West Brom via Smethwick High St, Devonshire Rd and Londonderry the 83 doesnt go to Bearwood and we use Bearwood and Oldbury as much as West Brom, so it hasnt worked and they lost visitors in Bearwood

  21. mickeycool34 says:

    From my experience getting to the 120 (which we need for swimming, doctors and shopping etc) is a nightmare with local links very poor and we have neurological conditions. Its a good walk to the 120 so most of the time we don’t bother going out. The problem really lies in poor local bus linkage I can only see users going down.

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