Bearwood in Bloom 2012

After a great weekend in Warley Woods, we have some more good new for Bearwood this week. Richard Marshall and the traders in the Bearwood Traders Association are rolling out the new flower tubs for this year’s Bearwood in Bloom.

This years tubs are in an array of colours and styles, including a jubilee inspired union flag, herbs, spices and even some vegetables donated by the Bearwood Allotment Society, which are free to pick for all.

One change from last year are the new tub surrounds, following some criticism last year that the black tubs were disappointing. The surrounds were done at cost price by Neville and the gang at Rutland Sheds, and there is no doubt they look a lot more attractive.

Thanks to all the Traders, the Mental Health Vocational Services and the Lightwoods Park Horticultural Team – Tina Cundy, Graeme O’Malley and Neil Humpage, who all supported the initiative, we will try to give full credits here when the full list of sponsors is available.

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2 Responses to Bearwood in Bloom 2012

  1. Rebecca Schneider says:

    Hi Bob
    This is great news.
    On another note, I tried to find some details for the Bearwood Allotment Society but it seems that this post is the only ever mention of it on the internet. Are you able to provide some details of how to contact the society please?

    Kind regards

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