Unidentified object expected over Bearwood

People from near and wide are expected to gather in Bearwood on Sunday as an unidentified yellow Orb appears in the sky over Warley Woods. It is anticipated that hundreds of people will flock to Warley Woods in the hope of catching a glimpse of the object. Children who have heard their parents talk of this phenomenon appearing in the sky in bygone days are expected to run around wildly, some of them will paint their faces and roll on the grass whilst their elders nod sagely and break bread in homage, in awe of the wondrous site.

Folk are warned that they should not expose their pale skins to the mysterious Orb for too long as it has been known to radiate heat in the past, although few in the Bearwood area can remember this happening. It is anticipated that some people will be so wary of the Orb they will wear darkened spectacles dug out from dusty corners of the household to try to lessen the impact of the glow.

The good folk from the Warley Woods Community Trust will be present to try to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time and there are plenty of activities taking place to keep people occupied during the afternoon, and ice cream and other refreshments to cool people down if they start to feel the effects of the strange heat. Trust Manager Viv Cole says, “Lots of people came to the meadow in Warley Woods only a year ago hoping to get an opportunity to see the Orb, but they were sadly disappointed and many of them were thoroughly soaked. But this year the meteorologists advise that the clouds are expected to part during the afternoon and we will all have an opportunity to catch a sight of the object. We are all very excited at the prospect, because you never know when something like this may happen again.”

Here is an archive photo showing people enjoying something similar back in the day.

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One Response to Unidentified object expected over Bearwood

  1. Kate Slade says:

    Well Bob the forecast is looking good for Sunday so it may be right that this unusual object will be seen over warley Woods.

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