Drive-in movie for Lightwoods Park

The Friends of Lightwoods Park steering committee agreed proposals this evening for a drive-in movie in the park extension on the weekend of 14th-15th September.

The movie will be shown on a giant portable screen located at the Galton Road end of the park extension. Initially it is planned to show the movie ‘Grease’ on the Friday evening, and then, depending on demand, a possible second movie on the Saturday night. Tickets are expected to be around £12.50 per car, well below comparable prices elsewhere, and the movie soundtrack will be relayed through the car FM radio. It is also hoped to have popcorn, hotdog and ice cream sellers.

More details to follow.

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18 Responses to Drive-in movie for Lightwoods Park

  1. Brian wood says:

    Love it!

  2. John Price says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to smooch to the film with my lovely wife!!

  3. Teresa Nikolic says:

    Fantasric idea!!

  4. Christine says:

    This is fantastic news! Since this park has come back ‘home’ there has been so much going on it is just terrific. Well done to all concerned, you are doing us proud!

    • Bob says:

      Christine, thanks are largely due to Richard and Marie Marshall and the Friends committee. Both Richard and Marie are ‘do’ers and don’t sit around waiting for someone to do something for them.

  5. Can’t wait…..bringing a car full

  6. Claude says:

    What a great idea. Last year didn’t you guys have the ice thing? Now this! We live in Selly Oak so it’s easy for us to get to Bearwood. Really looking forward to it, great choice of film. Where do we get tickets or is it pay on the night?

    • Bob says:

      Claude, we’re expecting to get the Bearwood on Ice thing going again this year. We are going to be selling tickets online in advance for thie drive-in because otherwise we will just hold up the traffic trying to get onsite. An announcement about arrangements for booking will appear here soon.

  7. Deborah says:

    What a great idea! Congratulations to everyone involved! (If it’s a success, how about converting the Barleycorn into a cinema?)

    • Bob says:

      Too late I’m afraid, Deborah. It’s already been bought and is being converted into a banqueting/conference centre… although I’m sure the new owner would consider an approach for film nights if someone was so inclined.

  8. Paul Steeples says:

    it’s a shame the upper level of the snooker hall couldn’t be converted into a cinema, it would also stop the decay of this loverly building. Check out Nikki Pugh’s photo’s at

    • Bob says:

      Speaking purely from a non-snooker playing person I wouldn’t be bothered if the whole building became a cinema! I was going to say it’s a pity it isn’t a listed building… until I realised that Lightwoods House and the Bandstand were Grade II listed and they were allowed to go to ruin. The library, the swimming baths and…. The Abbey pub are also Abbey Ward Grade II listed, incidentally.

  9. Paul says:

    Interesting to see what the Theatres Trust say about the Windsor

  10. This is a fantastic idea – the weekend closest to our wedding anniversary? We’ll be there 🙂

  11. In 1978 I was privileged to be able to visit family in LA,, and was taken to a Drive in Theatre and guess what Film it was, this is incredible , I will be there on the saturday all being well

  12. Enjoy Bearwood says:

    for all you guys out and about in Bearwood and Harborne High Sts tom am keep an eye out for John and Olivia in the back of a big old yankee dodge pick up playing a rather loud well known soundtrack…..14 more days and counting ,,,,hope youve got your golden tickets!!!!

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