Planning Applications

Two new planning applications this week, one of which looks very interesting indeed.

For more information go to the Sandwell Planning Portal.

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5 Responses to Planning Applications

  1. Feverfew says:

    Ah… a case where local rumour is ahead of the council. I heard about this in Paul South’s shop on Saturday. Bearwood Chapel is the proposer; they already run a community cafe in the chapel hall, this will move it on to the high street. I’ll be supporting it for a start! Well done Bearwood Chapel.

    • Bob says:

      With the proliferation of estate agents in that area this is one change of use I doubt anybody will oppose.

    • hazel shipton says:

      just what is needed on bearwood road a drop in cafe for all locals to use, great for mom s at bearwood road school to,hope you get the go ahead

  2. sfessey says:

    Fantastic idea. This is the sort of innovative use of commercial space that gives hope to high streets! The shops will never be back in the numbers they once were, but it should be possible to make our high streets vibrant and interesting places anyhow!

  3. Dave says:

    Hi -yes the proposer is Bearwood Chapel. Please feel free to drop in to the Chapel on Wednesday afternoon, we have some of the inital drawings up on the wall to have a look at and some of the people involved in the project are usually around at that time if you have any questions. Thanks for the encouraging words here

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