New street lighting

Steve Eling writes: The work to install the new LED street lighting in Bearwood will commence on Monday and is expected to take a few weeks.

The LED units will be fitted in all roads that have aluminium columns except Reginald and Rawlings Road, where LEDs are already installed.

LEDs will provide a white light and use only half the amount of electricity of the bulbs they are replacing.

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8 Responses to New street lighting

  1. Andrew Maxam says:

    Steve – does this also apply to streets such as Linden road which still have the old concrete lamp posts?

  2. Anything to save Money as long as there is as much light as there is now. preferably more.

  3. Mark says:

    Bob, is there any option as part of this work to put a shield behind the light to reduce light going into people’s houses? Would be good for those of us whose bedroom is right next to a lamppost!

    • Bob says:

      Mark, I doubt that there is, although I can ask. Although I have to say, as I look out of my bedroom window the light is directly outside and has never been a problem.

      • Steve Eling says:

        It can be a problem and a shde fitted dehind the lamp can help. I think the LEDs will be better though as they more effectively direct the light towards the road, not relying on a reflector in the lamp housing, which still result in light going off in most directions.

  4. Feverfew says:

    This is really good news environmentally! How long it will be before the lamps have paid for the imstallation costs in terms of reduced energy bills?

    • Steve Eling says:

      This is a really good question with no precise answer. What I looked at in the business case included both costs and environmental benefits. It’s worth noting though that with the new penalties for public bodies on carbon use that the environmental benefits turn into financial benefits as well.

      As it is for what we are doing now, we are fitting the LEDs to newer columns that have a long life. The LEDs are supposed to have a 25 year life as opposed to the normal bulb lasting five years. The package means that the LEDs, which aren’t cheap pay for themselves by ten years on today’s reckoning, but with increases in the carbon tax, this timescale will become shorter.

      The forward programmes for replacing the concrete columns will see LEDs fitted from the start.

      Up to now this has only included side streets as there have not been LEDs that deliver the level of light required to main roads and dual carriageways. This is now changing with the development of LEDs that meet this standard and the first in the country will be installed in Sandwell on the Black Country New Road, going past the factory that makes them.

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