The Festival in the Park

Yesterday Lightwoods Park played host to a belated Mayday event which looked at times during the monsoon like weather over the last week to be heading the same way as it s predecessor. But the organisers held firm in their belief that the met. office would get it right, and didn’t they just. The sun came out and so did the crowds with estimates again saying that around 10,000 visitors came to the Festival over the course of the day.

Chair of the Friends of Lightwoods Park Richard Marshall said:

It’s been another great, well supported event in Lightwoods. Great for the Park, great for Bearwood and a triumph for Sandwell in general. Only a couple of years ago this park was run down, shabby and there was nothing going on. Look at it now!

It’s fantastic to see so many people of all ages and ethnicity mixing and dancing with each other in such a great setting. Everything was done on a bigger scale this year and feedback from revellers was truly great. The whole day was dedicated to the memory of local jazz legend Andy Hamilton MBE and at one point his son-in-law and compere for the day Dennis Seaton led a minutes applause in commemoration of Andy’s life and when everyone joined in it was very touching. We believe we had something for everyone this year and that ‘Mayday’ in Lightwoods Park will be an annual event that everyone will look forward to.

Finally, It would be remiss of me not to say a big thank you to the 20+ volunteers that turned up on spec again to help out as always. They were a great bunch who showed how much they appreciate efforts to hold these events in our town and want to help out, also to all council staff, the police and Sandwell Leisure Trust for their support and to Cherie O’Sullivan for delivering a great event.

(Photos to follow later)

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